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Descendants of

John Dixon Sasser

Lucy Evelyn Sasser


John Dixon Sasser
son of
Henry Wallace &Emma(Powell) Sasser
grandson of
Crawood &Rhoda(Gilbert) Sasser
b: 11 May 1880 Knox Co, KY
d: 03 Apr 1949 McClain Co, OK
buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co, OK
Lucy Evelyn Sasser
daughter of
Wallace &Eliza(Williams) Sasser
granddaughter of
Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
b: 09 May 1882 Knox Co, KY
d: 27 Dec 1963 McClain Co, OK
buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co, OK

John & Lucy are double 2nd cousins.
John's grandfather, Crawood Sasser, is a brother to
Lucy's grandfather, Jesse Sasser; therefore,
on their Sasser sides, John & Lucy are 2nd cousins.
John's grandmother, Rhoda (Gilbert) Sasser, is a sister to
Lucy's grandmother, Nancy (Gilbert) Sasser, therefore;
on their Gilbert sides, John & Lucy are 2nd cousins.

Crawood and Jesse
are sons of

John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser

Rhoda and Nancy
are daughters of

Wallace &Susan(Jones) Gilbert

John Dixon Sasser migrated in 1920 from KY to
Willow View, OK (3 miles east of Lexington, OK).

John's & Lucy's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Thomas S. Sasser
    b: 03 Aug 1902 Knox Co, KY
    d: 25 Dec 1978 Portland, OR
    m: FAY RUTH BIGGERSTAFF, in 1927
    b: 21 Feb 1913 Purcell, McClain Co, OK
    d: 28 Aug 2002 Portland, OR

  • (2) Rhoda Susan Sasser
    b: 1904 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1918 Knox Co, KY (flu epidemic of 1918)

  • (3) Wallace H. Sasser
    b: 16 May 1905 Knox Co, KY
    d: 16 Aug 1956 McClain Co, OK
    buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co, OK

    Tilford William Sasser
  • (4) Tilford William Sasser
    b: 09 Aug 1908 Knox Co, KY
    d: 16 Feb 1992
    buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co, OK
    b: 26 Dec 1911
    d: 04 Feb 1996 Irving, TX
    buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co, OK

  • (5) Clarence Dacre Sasser
    b: 07 Feb 1910 Knox Co, KY
    d: 25 May 1987 CA
    buried: Glass-Sasser Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
    b: 24 Aug 1907
    d: 15 Nov 1197 GA
    buried: Glass-Sasser Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
    "Sam's Story"
    as told to us by his daughter,
    Renee (Sasser) Loux
    in January, 2001
    "A Tribute to Dr. Sam Sasser"
    (printed here by written permission)
    taken from the publication,

    "Across Pacific Magazine"
    My father and mother were missionaries in the South Pacific, specifically in the Marshall Islands. My daddy went there to prepare a home for Mom and I (I was 6 weeks old) in 1961. He was arrested for preaching while he was there and thrown in prison, a dirt hole in the ground with a caged top over it. There was a man who was there in the hole with him who eventually died and was dead in the hole with him for five days. To make a long story short, he was eventually released. He won the people's hearts and there was a petition with over 5,000 signatures requesting that he be allowed to stay. At that point, Mom and I joined him (1 year later). He and Mom were there for 11 years and built the largest Bible School in the South Pacific there. Mom and Daddy went on to other Islands, such as Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, and helped build schools there as well. Daddy traveled all over the world preaching and loving people. Sometimes Mom accompanied him and sometimes she stayed at home with my brother and I. There were areas of the world, such as one part of New Guinea, where there were still cannibals and it was just too dangerous to take us all. Daddy took pictures of them cooking a man. We all just about fainted when we saw the pics! Before Daddy died, he requested that when he died that we would take his heart and bury it in the Marshall Islands. We did that in December of '95. There is a tombstone there with his name on it. On the tombstone it says this:
    Samuel L. Sasser
    July 31, 1937 - September 27, 1995
    A Heart of Love for the Marshallese people,
    given by Christ, Who loved them
    and gave Himself for them.

    -John 3:16

    When Daddy died, we were living in Georgia. He was the Vice President of a Seminary there. He was also still raveling and preaching. He wrote two books as well as many study manuals. He and Mom spent 36 years ministering to people all over the world before he died. We had a service in Columbus, Georgia, for him; then, we drove along with the hearse to Augusta, Georgia, the next day, where his big funeral took place. There were tons of people there and it was great to be able to see so many friends and relatives from all over the world that came. There was also a group of about 60 people from the Marshall Islands that came to attend his funeral as well. After that service, we drove to Kentucky the next day with the hearse again, to the burial site. Only family and a few close friends were invited to that part of the service. It was very intimate and dear. We went to bury his heart in the Marshall Islands a few months later, in December. The funeral director we worked with was wonderful, but had never seen anything like that in his life! Daddy accomplished a lot in his life and was very loved and well respected for all he did. You can tell I am proud of all he was. The thing that I am proud of the most about his life is this - he loved people. There wasn't a prejudiced bone in his body. It didn't matter who the person was, he treated them with love and respect, even when he ran across some who weren't so kind. He was a true example of love to his family and all who knew him. I miss him more than words can say. Daddy was very proud to be a Sasser and before he died, was trying really hard to put together our family tree. This was important to him and I guess that's partially why it's important to me, too.
    Mom went back to the Marshall Islands when Daddy died. She now works out there again as a missionary.
    In Loving Memory
    Dr. Sam Sasser

    July 31, 1937 - September 27, 1995
    Dr. Sam Sasser was greatly loved by many thousands of Pacific Islanders. Since 1960 he served as a missionary in the Marshall Islands and Samoa, helped establish 26 churches, and pastored in Honolulu, California, and Texas. He taught in conferences and crusades in 63 nations. Sam's health had been failing for several years, but he continued to minister in conferences around the world. He had requested that his heart be buried in the Marshall Islands.
    The following prayer was offered in Sam's name
    at his Homegoing Celebration:

    Now that I have gone to God, I ask that you remember these things:
    Bury my body, but do not bury my love
    Bury my eyes, but not my vision
    Bury my feet, but not the path of my life
    Bury my hands, but do not bury my efforts
    Bury my shoulders,
    but not the concern I carried
    Bury my voice, but not my message
    Bury my mind, but do not bury my dreams
    Bury me, but do not bury my life
    If you must bury something
    Bury my sins, my weaknesses
    but let my love for each of you
    continue on in Jesus.


    On December 14, family members -- including his wife Florence, daughter Renee (and her husband, Derek Loux), and son Terry who was born in the Marshall Islands -- boarded a plane for the Marshalls to carry out Sam's request.
    In its 16th Constitutional Session the government of the Marshall Islands wrote a Resolution honoring Dr. Sasser's life. The two-page document was given to the Sasser family during a formal presentation while they were there. Among other things, the Resolution stated, "...the Most Reverend Samuel Sasser dedicated his ...works among the Marshallese people, especially the young; and ... his teachings and guidance and wisdom have touched and greatly enriched the lives of the Marshallese people, and that his devotion to the Marshallese people will be felt for many generations to come...."
    (David Hall, Editor)
    Sam was also the best friend of my brother,
    Don Hall, founder of
    Teen Challenge California and Hawaii.
    They were "Best Man" at each other's wedding.
    I was a missionary intern with the Sassers
    on the Atoll of Majuro. They have been
    wonderful friends over the years.
    Mrs. Sasser will continue the work of the ministry "...taking the gospel to the unreached and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry in the islands and abroad."
    "Across Pacific Magazine"
    is published by
    Across Charitable Trust
    which has an internet ministry called
    "Across Pacific & Asia"
    -- David B. Hall, Chairman --
    in cooperation with local churches
    and Christian ministries.

  • (6) Eliza "Jane" Sasser
    b: 16 Jun 1911 Knox Co, KY
    d: 22 May 1994 Midwest City, Oklahoma Co, OK
    buried: Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Duncan, OK
    b: 10 Jan 1893 AR
    d: 01 Oct 1980 OK
    buried: Resthaven Memorial Gardens, Duncan, OK

  • (7) Woodrow Wilson Sasser
    b: 25 Jan 1913 Knox Co, KY
    d: 11 Jan 2000 Ft. Collins, CO
    buried: Veterans Cemetery, Ft. Collins, CO
    m: NETTIE ANN COOK, on 23 Dec 1941
    b: 05 Jun 1920 AR

  • (8) Elmer Sasser
    b: 1915 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1918 Knox Co, KY (flu epidemic of 1918)

  • (9) Oliver Sasser
    b: 1917 Knox Co, KY
    d: 1918 Knox Co, KY (flu epidemic of 1918)

  • (10) John Balton Sasser
    b: 08 Sep 1919 Knox Co, KY
    d: 01 Mar 2006 Chesapeake City, VA
    buried: Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Chesapeake City, VA
    m: TERESA MARIE PETERS, on 04 Feb 1947, in Norman, OK
    daughter of William &Bertha(Mosier) Peters
    b: 15 Nov 1926 Lincoln Co, OK

    Major updates to this page
    and some photos for assorted pages
    were generously provided to us by
    John B. Sasser
    In special memory of
    John B. Sasser

    (1919 - 2006)

    The Cobb-Sasser Website
    will never forget your generosity.

    Excerpts of
    from "The Virginian-Pilot" news
    Norfolk, VA
    March 4, 2006
    CHESAPEAKE, VA - John B. Sasser, 86,
    of the 1200 block of Boxwood Drive,
    passed away March 1, 2006, at a local hospital.

    John was the 11th of 13 children
    in an Oklahoma farming family. Just before the
    outbreak of World War II, he joined the Navy
    "to see the world," and served in the surface
    fleet in both Atlantic and Pacific theatres
    during the war. He enjoyed military service
    and remained in the Navy for 20 years of
    active duty, continuing afterward in the
    reserves. He retired as a warrant officer.

    In 1960, John formed a real estate sales firm,
    Sasser Realty Company, and was active for 37
    years in the Portsmouth/ Chesapeake market in
    sales and homebuilding. He took great pride in
    his company being a strong contender in the
    marketplace and believed that honest dealings
    and happy customers were the most powerful
    advertising any business could have. In 1997,
    he retired from real estate to his garden and
    the quest to grow the perfect tomato.

    John was quite the extrovert, and he always
    chose a profession with lots of human interaction.
    He really enjoyed managing a sales force and was
    always looking for new ideas, better ways to do
    a job and for his group to be the best. He
    regarded salesmanship as a rare and important
    talent and for him to describe someone as a
    "real salesman" was a high compliment.

    Excerpts about
    ~Midwives & Birth Records~
    from a "Sasser Mailing List" entry
    posted by
    Glenn Earl Perry
    upon receiving a list of Sassers taken from a
    SSDI (Social Security Death Index),
    which included:
    JOHN B. SASSER 18 Oct 1919
    01 Mar 2006 Chesapeake City, VA

    Glenn replied that
    John's dob on the SSDI wasn't the
    same as the date shown above on this webpage

    (with which John himself had provided us),
    and went on to write:

    ... Something John and I had in common is that, as in the
    case of both of my parents and so many others in that area
    during that period, the midwife who assisted in his birth was
    Aunt "Liz Doc" Perry-Jones Gilbert
    (my great-grand aunt on the Perry side),
    wife of Solomon "Sol Doc" Gilbert
    (my great-great grand uncle on the Gilbert side).
    He was much excited about the information about her on a
    Cobb-Sasser webpage (see webpage: Sol Gilbert & Wives).

    As for incorrect birthdates,
    when my mother sent for her birth certificate in order to get
    Social Security, she discovered that the date was off by several
    days and, since the handwriting was so beautiful, speculated that
    Aunt Liz Doc had waited until she could have Tom Sasser
    (s/o Wallace, s/o Jesse, s/o Henry and Nancy)
    fill it out. Tom was the brilliant boy who won a scholarship to
    study law at the University of Kentucky ... but returned home
    to be a farmer and sometimes to teach school at Mt. Ararat.
    Only he could have had such fine handwriting
    (see webpage: Tom Sasser & Spouses).

    I SUSPECT that
    Aunt Liz also waited to have Tom fill out
    JOHN'S birth certificate and by that time
    had forgotten the correct date.

  • (11) Evelyn Sasser
    b: 15 Nov 1922 Cleveland Co, OK
    m: #1=FNU COOPER
    m: #2=FNU NEWSOM
    m: #3=FNU FIESTER

  • (12) Cecil Ernest Sasser
    b: 27 Sep 1924 McClain Co, OK
    d: 12 Nov 2000 Ontario, San Bernardino Co, CA
    cremated: San Bernardino Co, CA
    ashes buried: Hillside Cemetery, Purcell, McClain Co, OK
    m: RUTH BOLD, on 16 Aug 1947

  • (13) FNU Sasser
    b:/d: stillborn

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