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Sasser Beginnings
The 14 Children
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser

Sasser Origins
There is controversy among family researchers
regarding the origins of Henry's ancestors.
Some believe them to be German-born, others
adamantly disagree. To visit a page, entitled,
"Sasser Heritage,"

Each page has a
List of Descendants
~The Kizzie/Peter Branch~
b:1813/Keziah (Sasser) Tuttle (d/o JH)
& Wm Peter Tuttle, Jr.
b:1864/Wm Nathan Gilbert (gs/o Keziah)
& Malinda (Sasser) Gilbert

~The Dixon/Sally Branch~
b:1814/Dixon Sasser (s/o JH)
& Sally Ann (Tuttle) Sasser

~The Malinda Branch~
b:1815/Malinda (Sasser) Jones (d/o JH)
& 1st husband Anderson Jones
& 2nd husband Milton Jones

~The Adin/Betsy Branch~
b:1816/Adin Sasser (s/o JH)
& Betsy (Waggoner) Sasser
b:1839/Henry Adin Sasser (s/o Adin)
& Catherine (Wyrick) Sasser
b:1850/Eli Sasser (s/o Adin)
& Mary (Tuttle) Sasser
b:1858/Joseph Sasser (s/o Adin)
& Josephine (Taylor) Sasser
(HenryAdin/Catherine Branches)
b:1860/Andrew J. Sasser (s/o HnAdin)
& Fanny (Dobbs) Sasser
b:1869/Thomas Adin Sasser (s/o HnAdin)
& Sarah (McCarty) Sasser
b:1905/Floyd Edward Sasser (s/o TsAdin)
& Mary (Dyer) Sasser
(Eli/Mary Kids)
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~The Arthur/Lavina Branch~
b:1818/Arthur J. Sasser (s/o JH)
& Lavina (Weaver) Sasser

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~The Barden/Pharby Branch~
b:1819/Barden Sasser (s/o JH)
& Pharby (Jones) Sasser
b:1843/Elizabeth (Sasser) Smith (d/o Barden)
& Thomas J. Smith
b:1856/John Wesley Sasser (s/o Barden)
& 1st wife Elizabeth (Taylor) Sasser
& 2nd wife Amanda (Self) Sasser
b:1861/Joseph Sasser (s/o Barden)
& 1st wife Lucinda (Hale) Sasser
& 2nd wife SarahBelle(Smith)Sasser
b:1864/Abraham "Abe" Sasser (s/o Barden)
& 1st wife Louisa (Russell) Sasser
& 2nd wife MarEliz (Hammock) Sasser
~The Piety/William Branch~
b:1821/Piety (Sasser) Humfleet (d/o JH)
& William Humfleet
~The MarthaPatsy/Joe Branch~
b:1823/Martha Patsy (Sasser) Botkin (d/o JH)
& Joseph D. Botkin
~The Crawood/Rhoda Branch~
b:1824/W.H.C. "Crawood" Sasser (s/o JH)
& Rhoda (Gilbert) Sasser
~The James/Martha Branch~
b:1825/James H. Sasser (s/o JH)
& Martha (Hubbard) Sasser
~The Jesse/Nancy Branch~
b:1828/Jesse Sasser (s/o JH)
& Nancy (Gilbert) Sasser
~The Nancy/Wm Branch~
b:1830/Nancy (Sasser) Williams (d/o JH)
& William Williams
~The Patience/Joe Branch~
b:1834/Patience (Sasser) Tuttle (d/o JH)
& Joseph Tuttle
~Barbara Sasser~
No Descendants/Died an infant



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The Children of
Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser
(Each page has a List of Descendants)
1\ John "Henry" Sasser\b:1870
& Georgieanne (Burnett) Sasser
2\ Mahala "Haley" (Sasser) Cheek\b:1871
& Andrew "Andy" Cheek
3\ Robert Eli "Bob" Sasser\b:1873
& Melvina (Burnett) Sasser
4\ James Darling "Jim" Sasser\b:1874
& Nannie (Burnett) Sasser
5\ Margaret "Liz" (Sasser) Cobb\b:1876
& John Cobb
6\ Eliza Jane Sasser\b:1878
"The Mysteries of Eliza Jane"
7\ Mary Ann (Sasser) Stanley\b:1879
& Will Stanley
8\ Joseph "Joe" Sasser\b:1880
& Ada (Attaway) Sasser
9\ Eli Sasser, Jr.\b:1882
& Alice (Attaway) Sasser
10\ Nancy "Nannie" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1884
& Charles W. Attaway
11\ Kate "Rachel" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1885
& Luther Attaway

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