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Descendants of

Claiborne Taylor

Sarah Elizabeth (Humfleet) Taylor


Claiborne "Clabe" Taylor
son of
Isaac &Susan Ann(Sasser) Taylor
paternal grandparents:
Clabe &Sally(Woolum) Taylor
paternal g-grandparents:
Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
maternal grandparents:
Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
b: 04 Feb 1876 Blackwater Creek, Laurel Co, KY
d: 27 Feb 1951 Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
Sarah Elizabeth Humfleet
daughter of
Arthur &Manerva(Sprinkle) Humfleet
paternal grandparents:
William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet
maternal grandparents:
Herl &Tabitha(Trent) Sprinkle
b: 08 Jun 1875 Mt. Olivet, Knox Co, KY
d: 27 Dec 1960 Jarvis, Big Richland Creek, Knox Co, KY
buried: Barbourville Cemetery, Barbourville, Knox Co, KY

Clabe's grandfather, Jesse Sasser, is a brother
to Sarah's grandmother, Piety (Sasser) Humfleet.
Clabe & Sarah are 2nd cousins.

Claiborn Taylor's 1st Barn
Clabe built this barn in about the 1920's.
Look carefully and you will see
a little of the original red paint
that has not yet worn off.
This barn is located at
Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY,
about halfway between the
Sasser-Glass Cemetery and the
Dixon Sasser Cemetery - and
across the road from where once stood
the two-story house he built years earlier.

Claiborn Taylor's 2nd Barn
Clabe built this barn in the early 1930's.
He build it after he moved to Big Richland,
Knox Co, KY, to the old Wallace &Susan
(Jones)Gilbert place. The Gilbert and Blanton
cemeteries are on top of the mountain above
the barn. The old home of the Wallace Gilbert
family was on the other side of the road. The
ranchstyle house built by Troy &Esther(Taylor)
Cobb is still on the other side of the road.

Clabe's & Sarah's
List of Descendants

  • (1) Conrad Taylor
    b: 30 Jun 1898
    (dob shown incorrectly as 1896 on his tombstone and in the SSDI)
    d: 20 May 1966
    buried: Arlington National Cemetery
    (grave at: Jessup Drive; Grave 3157, Section 4)
    m: #1=MARY "GERTRUDE" ISLEY, in AR (later divorced)
    b: 11 Dec 1895
    m: #2=GRACE LNU
    b: 04 Jun 1903
    d: Aug 1975
    Conrad "Frank" Taylor
    was once a Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, participating in the
    incursion into Mexico, in 1917, led by General Perishing after
    Poncho Villa crossed the border to rob a bank in Columbus, NM;
    engaged in training troops in Tennessee during World War I, as
    his mother was so relieved to find out after he finally wrote
    to her; scheduled to be sent to Europe when the war ended;
    buried at Arlington National Cemetery
    (Jessup Drive; Grave 3157--Section 4);
    worked as a chef in a restaurant in Miami, FL,
    where he spent most of his life and is buried.
    He and Grace, his second wife, loved their beer and could not
    easily do without it, even when they were visiting in the dry
    territory of his birth and when they spent the summer of 1951
    in a little house on his youngest sister's farm at Tedders, KY.
    Conrad took the nickname "Frank" in Florida, and eventually
    came to be called that by some of of his relatives in Kentucky.
    Both his tombstone and the Social Security Death Index give the
    date of his birth as June 30, 1896, which possibly was a fictitious
    date he provided in order to join the army at an early age.

    Tombstone Location:
    Arlington National Cemetery
    Jessup Drive
    Grave 3157--Section 4

  • (2) William "Willie" Taylor
    b: 1899 or 1900
    d: 27 Jan 1917
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, KY
    m: never married

    Tombstone of William "Willie" Taylor

    Charles & Lucy (Taylor) Stanfield
    50th Anniversary Photo
  • (3) Lucy Edith Taylor
    b: 01 Apr 1902
    d: 18 Nov 1993 Lexington, KY
    buried: Hillcrest Memorial Park
    m: CHARLES E. STANFIELD, in 1920
    b: 26 Jul 1897
    d: Feb 1972 Lexington, KY
    buried: Hillcrest Memorial Park
    Lucy (Taylor) Stanfield

    (She loved antiques.)

    Donald Taylor
  • (4) Donald "Don" Taylor
    b: About 1903
    d: Aug 1929 OK
    buried: Red Oak Cemetery, Cleveland Co, OK
    daughter of Jim &Sophia(Hensley) Cobb
    granddaughter of Sam &Loo-oz(Philpot-Byrley) Cobb
    g-granddaughter of Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
    (and named after her g-grandmother Rachel.)
    b: 1904 Purcell, OK
    d: Mar 1999 Redlands, CA

  • (5) Elsie Virginia Taylor
    b: 30 May 1906
    d: 23 Dec 1909
    buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, KY

    Elsie's tombstone,
    almost unreadable now, says,
    "...age 2 years, 8 months, 25 days..."
    A little concrete lamb matching the one
    at the top of the tombstone was once
    located at the foot of the grave,
    but "disappeared" in 1997.
    In Elsie's mother's old age,
    she commented that she had never
    gotten over the death of this girl.

    Grace (Taylor) Harris
    with sons Paul and Bobby Ray Harris
  • (6) Grace Susan Taylor
    b: 20 Feb 1908
    d: 19 May 1939
    b: 25 Dec 1903
    d: 07 Jun 1978
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY
    Robert eventually remarried. His 2nd wife was Mariah Gilbert,
    daughter of Sam-Pop &Maggie(Jones) Gilbert, and
    granddaughter of
    Wallace &Mary-Pop(Taylor) Gilbert,
    who had two daughters from her first marriage to Joe Sasser.
    Robert and Mariah had two children. Clickon Wallace/Mary-Pop
    to find Mariah's Lists of Descendants from both marriages.

    Grace's Headstone
    her epitaph reads:
    "None knew thee but to love thee."
    Grace died in an automobile accident.
    She is buried in a little graveyard
    at Poplar Grove, near Corbin, KY,
    close to her home and on top of
    a hill which she had thought to
    be such a beautiful place and
    had liked so much.

    On this photo a portion of the
    engraving has been crudely
    computer-enhanced for legibility,
    but on the photo only,
    not on the stone itself.

    Dave &Jewel(Taylor) Elder

  • (7) Julia Ellen "Jewel" Taylor
    b: 1910
    d: 1973
    m: DAVID S. "D.S." or "Dave" ELDER
    b: 27 Oct 1896 TN
    d: Mar 1975 Miami, FL
    Jewel and Dave lived in Miami, FL, in what the press described
    as "a 14-room mansion on fashionable Bayshore Drive." Family
    members said that it was close enough to the ocean to "throw
    a ball into it from an upstairs window!" Dave operated a fan
    sales and repair shop, plus had other businesses.

  • (8) Robert Grant "Bob" Taylor
    b: 28 Dec 1912
    d: 10 Jul 2001 Reading, OH
    buried: Barbourville Cemetery, London, KY
    m: CECILE BLACK, in about 1949, Knox Co, KY
    d: 18 Apr 1990
    When Bob's Aunt Rebecca (Taylor) Denning died, Bob obtained the
    Henry Sasser Bible, which he gave to his nephew, Paul Harris.

    Ray Taylor
  • (9) Raymond Carl "Ray" Taylor
    b: About 1916
    d: 24 May 1997 Odenton (near Baltimore), MD
    buried: Baltimore National Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
    m: #1=ETHEL MINK, in about 1935 (later divorced)
    m: #2=MARY THOMPSON, of Sheffield, England, in 1946
    d: 1967
    - - Ray was a career military man from 1939 to 1966, and was
    subsequently employed by the National Secrity Administration
    until 1978. Early in is military career, he was nicknamed
    "Mr. T," and was called that for 38 years.
    - - Ethel later married Russell Chadwell and had 2 more children.

    Pearl (Taylor) Perry
  • (10) Mazie "Pearl" Taylor
    b: 09 Feb 1918
    m: TOLLIE PERRY, on 12 Jan 1938, in Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    son of Alex &Mary Elizabeth(Cobb) Perry
    b: 13 Jan 1918


    on the left:
    Pearl (Taylor) Perry

    on the right, Pearl's nephew:
    Clarence Stanfield
    son of
    Charles &Lucy(Taylor) Stanfield
    (Lucy & Pearl are sisters)


    Pearl Perry's
    Cobb-Sasser Connections


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