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Descendants of

George Tedders

Angeline (Taylor) Tedders


George Tedders
is possibly but not yet proven to be the son of
George &Kesiah(Hodges) Tedders (aka Tudors)
and grandson of Stephen & Morning Dawn Tedders (aka Tudors)

b: Abt 1849
d: 1887 (murdered)
Angeline Taylor
(pronounced AN-ju-LINE)
on 14 Sep 1872
daughter of
Claiborne &Sally(Woolum) Taylor
paternal grandparents:
Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda(Smith) Taylor
maternal grandparents:
Jacob &Sarah(Hughes) Woolum
b: 22 Apr 1853 Clay Co, KY
d: 23 May 19?5
buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY

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"The Legend of an Indian Village in Clay County"

No "Rose-of-Sharon," this.
To us, it will always be

"The Lily Bush"
Story Of
per Cuz Glenn E. Perry
The George and Angeline Tedders Family
once lived at Lily, in Laurel Co, KY.
After George's death, they moved back to
Clayborne Taylor's place in Knox County,
at what would become Tedders, KY.
Angeline took a bush there with her,
which was in the corner of the yard until
something happened to it in the 1960s.
It is ordinarily called a "Rose of Sharon,"
but there it was called the "Lily Bush,"
because Angeline had brought it from Lily.
Although we know the "correct" name for
this shrub, we always make it a point
to have a "Lily Bush" in our own yard.

Excerpt from
The Mountain Echo

Laurel County's First Newspaper
MARCH 18 1892
who was convicted in the Circuit Court at this place in 1887 for
the murder of
a Constable at Lily,

and sentenced to the penitentiary for life, was adjudged a lunatic
before County Judge Williams of Franklin County a few days ago.
He was thereupon pardoned out of the penitentiary by Governor Brown,
and the court ordered him sent to the asylum at Lexington.
Disney's mania is religion and for nearly five weeks since he was first
suspected of insanity, he has been continually preaching and praying.
He has had a brother confined at Anchorage, and others of
his relatives have at different times been in the Lexington asylum.

School Photos

One or more of the once-kids
(born in the 1920s & 1930s)
listed on this page are shown in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
Go see!

and/or in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
Go see!

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George's & Angeline's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Jackson Tedders (twin to Taylor)
    b: 08 Jun 1876
    m: BARBARA COREY, in 1895
    daughter of John Joseph &Annie(Jarvis) Corey
    granddaughter of Jackson &Barbary(Tuttle) Jarvis
    g-gdaughter of Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
    b: 28 Jul 1878 Bull Creek, Knox Co, KY
    d: 30 Apr 1965

    Jackson &Barbary(Corey) Tedders

  • (2) Taylor Tedders (twin to Jackson)
    b: 08 Jun 1876
    d: 02 Jul 1968
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY
    b: 19 Jun 1878
    d: 02 Jun 1938
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY

  • (3) Sarah Tedders
    b: 29 Aug 1879 KY
    d: 03 Aug 1968
    buried: Barbourville City Cemetery, Barbourville, KY
    m: ISAAC MADISON "MATT" JARVIS, on 29 Aug 1893
    son of Peter &Dinnah(Woolum) Taylor
    grandson of Jackson &Barbary(Tuttle) Jarvis
    g-grandson of Jack &Polly(Cobb) Jarvis
    b: 07 Dec 1873 Jarvis, KY
    d: 12 Apr 1967 Danville, KY
    buried: Barbourville City Cemetery, Barbourville, KY
    Sarah's grandmother, Sally (Woolum) Taylor, is a sister to
    Matt's grandfather Sam Woolum.
    Sarah's grandfather, Claiborne Taylor, is a brother to
    Matt's grandmother, Pop (Taylor) Woolum.
    Matt and Sarah are double 2nd cousins.

  • (4) John Lewis "J.L." Tedders
    b: 15 Jul 1885
    d: 15 Jul 1933 Barbourville, KY
    buried: Taylor Cemetery, Blackwater, KY
    m: NANCY CATHERINE "CAT" SASSER, on 29 Aug 1903
    daughter of Abe &Rebecca(Russell) Sasser
    granddaughter of Barden &Pharby(Jones) Sasser
    b: 17 Aug 1885
    d: 24 Apr 1943

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