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Descendants of

Thomas Tuttle

Elizabeth (LNU) Tuttle


Thomas Tuttle
son of Peter &Mary(LNU) Tuttle, Jr.
grandson of Peter &FNU(LNU) Tuttle, Sr.
b: About 1720 St. Mary's Co, MD
d: About 1790 Stokes Co, NC
Elizabeth LNU,
in 1760, Stokes Co, NC
b: 1720 Stokes Co, NC
d: 1798 Stokes Co, NC

Thomas's Background Lineage
    Generation #1:
  • Peter Tuttle, Sr.
    b: About 1660 Great Britian
    d: Before 18 Apr 1733 St. Mary's Co, MD
    m: wife's name unknown
    Peter came to America in 1680 aboard "Ye ship Michants' Conerd,"
    which was commanded by Carlos Carley.

      Generation #2:
      Descendants of Peter &FNU(LNU) Tuttle, Sr.:
      (only two known children)

    • (1) John Tuttle
    • (2) Peter Tuttle, Jr.
      b: About 1700 St. Mary's Co, MD
      d: About 1733 MD
      m: Mary LNU

        Generation #3:
        Descendants of Peter &Mary(LNU) Tuttle, Jr.:

      • (1) Thomas Tuttle (our Thomas!)
      • (2) Mary Tuttle
        b: About 1720 MD
        m: #1=Manley Brown
        m: #2=Hammond Morris, Sr.
        Mary and Hammond moved to Stokes Co, NC.

Special Note!
There has been a lot of confusion, speculation, theorizing
about exactly who Thomas's and Mary's descendants are.
Our list has been made up from, say, a combination of
"noteworthy viewpoints!"
As hard as we strive for accuracy, in this instance,
we claim only that we've come as close to accuracy as possible.
We sincerely hope that our viewpoints are helpful to you.

Thomas's & Elizabeth's
List of Descendants

  • (1) John Tuttle
    b: 22 Mar 1761 Fairfax Co, VA
    d: 30 Sep 1840 Stokes Co, NC
    buried: Germanton, Meadows Township, Stokes Co, NC
    m: ANNA MARIA BARBARA "BARBARY" FREY, on 16 Jun 1783, Surry Co, NC
    daughter of Johann Michael &Anna Maria Dorothea(Schmidt) Frey
    b: 15 Jun 1765 Rowan Co, NC
    d: 15 Mar 1851 (buried Stokes Co, NC)

    Barbary's younger sister, Anna Maria "Mary" Frey, was the 1st wife
    of John's younger brother, William "Peter" Tuttle, Sr.
    (Mary's 2nd husband was John Laird; Peter's 2nd wife was Elizabeth Smith.)

    John served in the Revolutionary War.

    To see the
    Declaration of John Tuttle/Stokes Co, NC
    Revolutionary War Pension File

    Click Here,
    (Clicking on will open a separate browser window.)

  • (2) Elizabeth Tuttle
    b: 1764 Fairfax Co, VA
    m: JOHN HALL

  • (3) William "Peter" Tuttle, Sr.
    b: 1769 Fairfax Co, VA
    d: Abt 1855 KY
    daughter of Johann Michael &Dorothea(Schmidt) Frey
    b: 1768
    m: #2=ELIZABETH SMITH, on 21 May 1802, in Grainger Co, TN
    b: 1785/86
    d: Abt 1850
    ~~Mary's older sister, Anna Maria Barbara "Barbary" Frey,
    married Peter's older brother, John Tuttle.
    ~~Mary (Frey) Tuttle's 2nd husband was JOHN LAIRD.
    They married on 17 Apr 1793, in Stokes Co, NC,
    then soon moved to Giles Co, TN.

  • For Peter's and MARY'S List of Descendants,

  • For Peter's and ELIZABETH'S List of Descendants,

  • (4) James Tuttle
    b: Abt 1772 VA
    m: FNU LNU
    Moved to Grainger Co, TN.

    Tuttles and the Civil War
    The following is a copy of an entry made in our
    Cobb-Sasser Website Guestbook, on 04/09/00, by:
    Michael Tuttle
    Email: mktuttle@earthlink.net
    I'm pleased to find another thorough geneology
    for the southern branch of Tuttles.
    Interesting historic anecdote:
    In the waning days of the Civil War,
    Union General Stoneman and his army passed through Stokes Co., NC
    ("Stonemans Raid"), on the way to liberate Union prisoners of war
    at the notorious prison in Salisbury, NC.
    Passing by the Tuttle farms, soldiers basically took everything
    that wasn't nailed down and destroyed most everything that was
    ... shot the weathervane on the barn, it was badly bent and shot
    full of holes, but still standing, I believe to this day.
    This was just over a week before the surrender at Appomattox,
    at which there were two Tuttles of this lineage present, who,
    with Lee took the oath of allegiance, were well fed by the Union
    command and allowed to go home to Danbury and Germanton.
    I live just a few miles east of the original colonial land grant
    (of 150 acres on the Town Fork and Red Bank creeks)
    to Thomas Tuttle in the 1760's.
    The local regiment for the Confederacy was
    the NC 21st, Company F, the "Town Fork Invinceables."
    They were first at Bethel, furthest at Gettysburg
    (John Tuttle killed there), and last at Appomattox.
    The company suffered 75% casualty rate.
    Four Tuttles died in that war, all but one of disease.
    Hope you enjoyed the brief history!

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