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Elizabeth Clementine (Waggoner) Sasser


Elizabeth Clementine "Betsy" Waggoner
daughter of
Thomas &Elizabeth(Bolton) Waggoner

descended from
the "Samuel &Christina(Price) Waggoner" branch of
the "John &Rachel(Ward) Waggoner" descendants
b: 1816 Carter, TN
d: 1868 Laurel Co, KY
Adin Sasser,
on 02 Oct 1838 Laurel Co, KY
son of
Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
b: 03 Jun 1816 Johnston Co, NC
d: 09 Nov 1869 Laurel Co, KY

Paternal Lineage

Maternal Lineage

John Waggener
b: Appx 1643 England
(came to America about 1670)
d: Appx 1716 (appx 73 years old)
m: Rachell Ward
b: Appx 1658

About the "Waggoner" name:
For info on how the name "Garetson"
evolved into "GaretsonVanWageningen,"
then to "VanWaggener," then to "Waggener,"
then to the current spelling, "Waggoner,"
scroll to the bottom of a webpage
created by Don Sasser, by entering
Robert Bolton
b: 1701
d: 1787 Franklin Co, VA
m: Mary Hubbard
Trivia about Robert and Mary:
Robert Bolton had the first grist mill
on the Banister River. A Court Order
made reference to Hubbard's dispute
with Administrator of Robert Bolton's
Will, 1787, Franklin Co, VA. Maybe
a daughter who married a cousin, or
maybe it's his wife's folks. Mary is
believed to be the daughter of
Matthew Hubbard, who lived near them,
in 1764, Luxenberg Co, VA.
Descendants of
John & Rachell (Ward) Waggener:

  • (1) Herbert Waggener
    b: Abt 1676 Essex Co, VA
    d: 1743 Essex Co, VA
    (2) Benjamin Waggener
    b: Abt 1675
    d: 1749
  • (3) John Waggener
    b: Unknown
    d: 1696 Essex Co, VA
    m: Sarah LNU
  • (4) James Waggener
    b: Unknown
    d: 1729
  • (5) Samuel Waggener
    b: Unknown
    d: Abt 1729 Essex Co, VA
    m: Christina Price
    • (1) Samuel Waggoner, Jr.
      m: Betty LNU
      • (1) William Waggoner
        b: 1720
        m: Sarah Wilson
        (daughter of Davidson Wilson)

        • (1) Thomas Waggoner
          ....(Betsy's father)....
          b: 1789 NC
          m: Elizabeth Bolton
  • (6) Andrew Waggener
    b: Abt 1672
    d: 1730
  • (7) Margaret Waggener
    b: Abt 1677
    d: Unknown
  • (8) Dinah Waggener
    b: Unknown
    d: 1751
  • Descendants of
    Robert & Mary (Hubbard) Bolton:

    Children named in Robert Bolton's Will:
  • (1) Matthew Bolton
    m: Mary Chapman
    (went to GA)
  • (2) Thomas Bolton
    b: 1741
    d: Grainger Co, TN
    m: Jemima Hammock
    Trivia about Jemima:
    Was said to have had "a natural-born sense
    of humor." A note in an old Hymn book in TN,
    regarding Jemima, says,"Her mother was a
    Witcher and her mom a Nall."(Referring,
    respectively,to Betsy's Great-Grandmother
    ..and..Great-Great-Grandmother.) Jemima's
    name spelled as "Jemyah" on some records.
    • (1) Elizabeth Bolton
      ....(Betsy's mother)....
      b: Unknown
      m: Thomas Waggoner
  • (3) Robert Bolton, Jr.
    (went to GA)

  • Thomas Waggoner
    son of William &Sarah(Wilson) Waggoner
    grandson of Samuel &Betty(LNU) Waggoner, Jr.
    b: 1789 NC
    m: Elizabeth Bolton,
    on 15 Feb 1813, in Grainger Co, TN
    daughter of Thomas &Jemima(Hammack) Bolton
    granddaughter of Robert &Mary(Hubbard) Bolton

    Tom's & Elizabeth's
    • (1) Elizabeth Clementine "BETSY" Waggoner
      b: 1816 Carter, TN
      d: 1868 Laurel Co, KY
      m: Adin Sasser, on 02 Oct 1838 Laurel Co, KY
      son of John "Henry" & Nancy (Kirby) Sasser
      b: 1816 Johnston Co, NC
      d: 1869 Laurel Co, KY
      Clickon Adin for his and Betsy's List of Descendants.
      For historical info about Adin and about Betsy's ancestors, Click Here
    • (2) Jackson Waggoner
      b: 1817
    • (3) John Waggoner
      b: 1821
    • (4) Thomas Waggoner
      b: 1823
    • (5) Mahla Waggoner
      b: 1824
    • (6) Eli Waggoner
      b: 1825
      m: Minerva Hale
      on 28 Dec 1850
    • (7) Levi Waggoner
      b: 1828
    • (8) Joseph "Joe" Waggoner
      b: 03 Apr 1834
      d: 16 Aug 1901 Knox Co, KY
      buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery
      m: Elizabeth H. Humfleet

    Special Recognition

    Portions of the information on this page were provided by
    Loretta "Retta" (Cox) Hale

    Other portions were provided by
    Don Lee Sasser


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