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Descendants of

Thomas S. Williams

Polly (Sizemore) Williams


Thomas S. "Tom" Williams
son of
Abraham &Rebecca Jane(Sasser) Williams
paternal grandparents:
John &Barbary(Weaver) Williams
maternal grandparents:
Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser
Williams g-grandparents:
William &Polly(Pennybacker) Williams
Sasser g-grandparents:
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
b: 20 Jan 1867 Laurel Co, KY
d: 07 May 1923 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
Polly Sizemore,
on 02 Jan 1890, in Madison Co, AR
daughter of
George Washington &Nancy(Gibson) Sizemore
b: 15 Feb 1870 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
d: 02 May 1946 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
buried: Liberty Cemetery, Madion, AR

Polly (Sizemore) Williams
is a descendant of one "Goldenhawk" Sizemore
who is reputed to have fathered 57 children!
When called before a judge regarding accountability for this fact,
where the judge asked him if it was true, Goldenhawk
(who surprisingly is said to NOT have been a "looker")
answered the judge's question something like,
"If I'd been as good lookin as YOU, there would have been MORE!"

Tom's & Polly's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Rebecca Jane Williams
    b: 01 Oct 1890 Madison Co, AR
    d: 21 Jun 1971 Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR
    m: JOHN R. COBLE, on 18 Jan 1911, in Madison Co, AR

  • (2) Roger Williams
    b: 06 Mar 1892 Madison Co, AR
    d: 04 Jul 1908 Madison Co, AR

  • (3) Lucy W. Williams
    b: 21 May 1893 Madison Co, AR
    d: 15 Oct 1987 Madison Co, AR
    m: ROY McCOWN

  • (4) George Williams, Sr.
    b: 13 Aug 1895 Madison Co, AR
    d: 07 Feb 1972 Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR
    m: LUCY GERTRUDE RICKETTS, on 15 Sep 1917

  • (5) Laura Williams
    b: 04 Jun 1897 Madison Co, AR
    d: 12 Apr 1980 Madison Co, AR

  • (6) Oscar Williams
    b: 14 Jan 1900 Madison Co, AR
    d: 20 Apr 1970 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
    m: GEORGIA SEALS, in Abt 1926, in Madison Co, AR

  • (7) Homer Williams
    b: 07 Sep 1901, Madison Co, AR
    d: 20 Nov 1947 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
    m: Alpha Reed

  • (8) Eli Williams
    b: 14 Sep 1903 Madison Co, AR
    m: HELEN LILLIAN SEALS, on 06 Mar 1930

  • (9) Roy Rob Williams
    b: 05 Oct 1905
    d: 23 Jul 1908

  • (10) Elmer Williams
    b: 02 Jun 1907 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
    d: 13 May 13 1980 Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR
    m: MARY LOUISE COOK, on 30 Jun 1937, Combs, Madison Co, AR
    daughter of Charles and Estelle Cook

  • (11) Dorothy Williams
    b: 02 Mar 1911

  • (12) Roxie Williams
    b: 17 Mar 1913
    d: 11 Mar 1946
    m: OMER HILL

    (13) FNU (Infant) Williams
    b: Abt 1914
    d: Abt 1914

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