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Descendants of

Abraham Lincoln Cobb

Sarah Elizabeth (Moore) Cobb


Abraham Lincoln "Abe" Cobb
son of
John R. &Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb

paternal grandparents: Thomas &Hannah(Hager-Selfs) Cobb
paternal g-grandparents: Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
maternal grandparents: John &Nancy(Jones) Tuttle
maternal g-grandparents: William &Elizabeth(Smith) Jones
b: Jan 1867
d: 1906
buried: Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" Moore,
in 1884, daughter of
Hiram &Susan(Hammons) Moore

paternal grandparents: James "Shifty Jim" &Elizabeth(Morris) Moore, Jr.
paternal g-grandparents: James &Ellender(Hamilton) Moore, Sr.
maternal grandparents: William &Sarah(Jones) Hammons
maternal gg-grandparents: Isaac &Rhoda(Smith) Jones
b: 21 Mar 1869 KY
d: 11 Jul 1946
buried: Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY

Abe's maternal g-grandfather, William Jones, is a brother to
Sally's maternal gg-grandfather, Isaac V. Jones; thus,
on the Jones side, Abe & Sally are 4th cousins-once removed.
William & Isaac are sons of

Vincent &Elizaboth(Cope) Jones.

Sally's 2nd husband was Jim Williams.
To find Sally's and Jim's descendants,
clickon Hiram/Susan.

Abe &Sally(Moore) Cobb

Abe &Sally(Moore) Cobb

Photo on left shows
Abe's original headstone just behind
his newer headstone.

Both photos have been
computer enhanced for legibility.

School Photos

One or more of the once-kids
(born in the 1920s & 1930s)
listed on this page are shown in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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and/or in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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Abe's & Sally's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Laura B. Cobb
    b: 20 May 1888
    d: 22 May 1943
    son of Abe &Parlie(Hacker) Hopkins
    paternal grandparents: William &Julia Ann(King)Hopkins
    maternal grandparents: Daniel &Elizabeth(Hayes)Hacker
    b: 11 Nov 1889 Knox Co, KY
    d: 27 Aug 1970 Lily, Laurel Co, KY
    Frank later married Laura's sister Fannie.

    Fannie (Cobb) Jones

  • (2) Fannie Cobb
    b: 11 Jan 1890
    d: 11 Oct 1952
    m: #1=JOHN "BABE" JONES
    son of Abe &Parlie(Hacker) Hopkins
    paternal grandparents: William &Julia Ann(King) Hopkins
    maternal grandparents: Daniel &Elizabeth(Hayes) Hacker
    b: 11 Nov 1889 Knox Co, KY
    d: 27 Aug 1970 Lily, Laurel Co, KY
    Frank had previously been married to Fannie's sister, Laura.
    Frank &Fannie(Cobb-Jones) Hopkins

    The Babe &Fannie(Cobb) Jones Family
    front row, left-to-right:
    Fannie, Lillie holding her baby Glen, Ollie's son Eugene.
    Back row, left-to-right:
    Mitchell, Lucy, Ollie holding her baby Norma, Mary, Ambers.

    ~Photo provided by Janice (Cox) Thompson~

    The Jones Siblings
    (not pictured is Mitchell Jones)
    Photo on Left: Ambers Jones and sister Lucy (Jones) Cox
    Photo on right: Jones sisters left-to-right are
    Mary (Jones) Frazier, Lillie (Jones) Williams, Lucy (Jones) Cox, Ollie (Jones) Sasser.

    ~Photos provided by Janice (Cox) Thompson~

    Babe's half-sister, Barb Tuttle
    "Barbourville Mountain Advocate"
    April 15, 1949 (p. 1)
    Mrs. Barbara Tuttle, 67, died April 10,
    at her home at Tedders from a heart attack.
    Funeral services were held at the home
    Monday afternoon at three o'clock.
    Interment was in the Tuttle Cemetery
    under the direction of
    the Martin-Swarts Funeral Home.
    Mrs. Tuttle is survived by her parents,
    Mr. and Mrs Isaac Tuttle,
    and a number of other relatives.
    Her husband preceded her in death
    a few years ago.
    per Glenn E. Perry:
    The Tuttle Cemetery referred to in Barb's obituary is presumably
    the graveyard on the hill at Tuttle Branch, Tedders, Knox Co, KY,
    close to where Barb and her nephew Mitchell lived.
    Aside for one rough stone with the name "Jones" scratched on it,
    there are no markers there.

    Tollie Cobb

  • (3) Tollie Cobb
    b: 03 Apr 1892
    d: 30 Sep 1952
    buried: Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    b: 21 Nov 1894
    d: 11 Dec 1948
    buried: Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY

    Sudie Cobb

  • (4) Suda "Sudie" Cobb
    b: 24 Jul 1894
    d: 04 Dec 1947

    Sudie Cobb,
    Sally (Moore) Cobb,
    Mary (Cobb) Perry

    Mary Elizabeth Cobb

  • (5) Mary Elizabeth Cobb
    b: 13 Jan 1896 Tedders, KY
    d: 09 May 1950
    buried: Farris Cemetery, Gray, KY
    m: ALEX PERRY, in 1912, Tedders, KY
    (name pronounced as "Elek")
    son of Tom &Lucety(Tuttle) Perry
    b: 16 May 1894 Crane Next, Knox Co, KY
    d: 22 Jan 1989 Hobart, IN
    buried: Farris Cemetery, Gray, KY

  • (6) Jennie Cobb
    d: (died an infant)

  • (7) Gilbert Cobb
    b: Jul 1899 KY
    d: Aft 1900 (died a child)

    Ollie Cobb

  • (8) Ollie Cobb
    b: 10 Jan 1902
    d: May 1985 Oolitic, IN
    m: WILLIAM P. "BILL" PERRY, in 1915, KY
    son of Tom &Lucety(Tuttle) Perry
    b: 20 Jun 1888
    d: Nov 1967 Oolitic, IN

    Minnie Cobb

  • (9) Minnie Cobb
    b: 26 Feb 1905
    d: 20 Nov 1979
    m: EVAN HURSHEL ANDERSON, Bet 1920-1929

    Some Cobb-Perry Gals!
    Ollie(Cobb)Perry and Mary(Cobb)Perry
    and Sarah(Perry)Cobb
    (Ollie, Mary and Minnie are sisters. Sarah is Mary's daughter)

    Can you identify what family branch these belong in?
    Both of these headstones are in the
    Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    Eliza's Cobb last name is probably her married name
    (her headstone is next to Abe Cobb's grave).
    We're guessing that J.H.C. stands for John Henry Cobb.
    If you can identify where these folks tie in to the family,
    please leave an entry about it in the Cobb-Sasser guestbook!

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