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Descendants of

Alex "Elek" Perry

Mary Elizabeth (Cobb) Perry


Alex Perry,
(name pronounced as "Elek")
son of
Tom &Lucety(Tuttle) Perry
b: 16 May 1894 Crane Next, Knox Co, KY
d: 22 Jan 1989 Hobart, IN
buried: Farris Cemetery, Gray, KY
Mary Elizabeth Cobb,
in 1912, in Tedders, KY
daughter of
Abe &Sally(Moore) Cobb
b: 12 Jan 1896 Tedders, KY
d: 09 May 1950
buried: Farris Cemetery, Gray, KY

Alex Perry
was born at the time of the legendary 1894 "Big Snow in May,"
at Crane Nest, KY (Knox County).
He and Mary lived in various places at Tedders, KY (farming) and
for a few years in the 1920s at Oolitic, IN, where Alex worked
in the limestone quarry (he later often went there to work for
a few months each year, even when he was rather old).
They lived for a while at Gray, KY (also in Knox County, KY),
during the latter part of the 1920s. They then lived for
several years on a farm they owned at Gibbs/Mt. Ararat,
Knox County), KY, but moved to Gray, KY, again during the
mid-1940s, apparently to be closer to medical care for Mary.
Following a wild youth during which he drank heavily and made
moonshine, Alex got saved in the Pentecostal Church.
Both he and Mary were devoted to serving God during the rest
of their days, and their lives revolved around going to church
services wherever Pentecostals were meeting.
was a registered midwife who delivered many of the babies
in the Gibbs/Mt. Ararat area.
She died at home, in Gray, KY, on May 9, 1950,
and was buried at the Farris Cemetery at Gray.
Alex married again--to an equally devoted Holiness woman,
(b: 16 Jun 1902/ d: 04 Feb 1986,
buried at Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, KY).
Staying with his son, Chet, in Portage, IN, during his last years,
Alex died in a hospital, in Hobart, IN, 22 Jan 1989,
and was buried beside his first wife, Mary, at the Farris Cemetery.
It would be hard to find another funeral that drew such
a large crowd from so far and wide, or an oration by a preacher
(who descibed himself in the memorable sermon as Alex's "buddy")
so vividly recounting the devoted life of a man of God.

Alex & Myrtle(Bolton) Perry

~The Alex & Mary (Cobb) Perry Family~
Left-to-Right/Front Row: Alex, Mary, Lee Roy
Back Row: Sarah, Robert, Tollie, Chet, Gib, Noel

Alex & his 6 Sons
The Perry Brothers Six

Taken during Perry Reunion 2002
~Alex's & Mary's Grandchildren~

~Alex and his gg-grandson Nicholas Carpenter~
(Nicholas is the g-grandson of Alex's son Tollie)

School Photo

One or more of the once-kids
(born in the 1920s & 1930s)
listed on this page are shown in a
Tedders School Group Photo

(Tedders, Knox Co, KY)
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Elek's & Mary's
List of Descendants

Sarah Elizabeth Perry

  • (1) Sarah Elizabeth Perry
    b: 09 Jun 1913 Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    d: 19 Sep 1968
    buried: Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, KY
    m: SAMUEL HENRY "H" COBB, in Abt 1935
    son of John C. &Catherine(Jones) Cobb
    paternal grandparents: William T. &Mary(Cheek) Cobb
    g-grandparents: John &Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb
    maternal grandparents: William &Rhoda(Gilbert) Jones
    g-grandparents: Fee &Catherine(Taylor) Gilbert
    b: 20 Jan 1911
    d: 19 Dec 1979
    Sarah's grandfather, Abe Lincoln Cobb, is a brother to
    H's grandfather, William T. Cobb, thus,
    Sarah and "H" are 2nd cousins.

    After Sarah's death, in 1968, "H" married Katherine Hale.
    The family lived at Lily, Laurel Co, KY. "H" was a farmer.
    He and his brother, Gilbert "Gibb" Cobb, jointly ran the farm
    (part of which eventually was taken to build Interstate 75),
    and lived in houses with adjoining yards. Sarah and "H" had
    no children of their own, but they adopted her niece,
    Veda Alison Perry
    (b: 16 May 1948, Delroy Hospital, Detroit, MI),
    who was Gibb Perry's baby (Sarah's brother's baby).
    Veda's name was then changed to
    Veda Alison Cobb.
    Veda never made contact with her biological mother
    or her mother's family.
    She earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy, at Boston College.
    In 1979, at Bethel Baptist Church in Lily, KY,
    she married Richard M. Stevens
    (a Professor of Philosophy at Boston College),
    and adopted the name for herself of
    Veda Alison Cobb-Stevens.
    She became a Professor of Philosophy
    at the University of Lowell, Lowell, MA.
    She died of cancer on 13 Dec 1989.

    Robert Perry

  • (2) Robert Perry
    b: 12 Jul 1916 Tedders, KY
    d: Abt 1988 Fairfield, OH
    m: #1=BERTHA "BERTH" COBB, in Abt 1932, divorced Abt 1946
    daughter of Ambers &Alabama(Cox) Cobb
    granddaughter of John &Lizzie(Tuttle) Cobb
    b: Abt 1907
    daughter of John Henry &Annie(Burnett) Sassser
    granddaughter of Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser
    b: 28 Nov 1903
    d: 07 May 1988 Fairfield, OH
    Robert & Nannie had no children.

    Tollie Perry

  • (3) Tollie Perry
    b: 13 Jan 1918
    m: MAZIE "PEARL" TAYLOR, on 12 Jan 1938, in Tedders, Knox Co, KY
    b: 09 Feb 1918
    daughter of Clabe &Sarah(Humfleet) Taylor
    Clabe is son of Isaac &Susan Ann(Sasser) Taylor, and
    grandson of
    Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser.
    Sarah is daughter of Arthur &Manervia(Sprinkle) Humfleet, and
    granddaughter of
    William &Piety(Sasser) Humfleet.
    To read narrations about
    "Pearl Perry's Complicated Cobb-Sasser Connections"
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  • (4) Willie Claude Perry
    b: Abt 1920 Oolitic, IN
    d: died at 2 weeks old
    buried: Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, KY (no marker)

  • (5) Beechel Perry
    b: 1922 Tedders, KY
    d: Abt 1930 Gray, KY
    buried: Cobb Cemetery, Tedders, KY (no marker)
    In the front is
    In back are his siblings
    Tollie, Sarah, Robert

    Chet Perry

  • (6) Chester B. "Chet" Perry
    b: 24 Nov 1924 Gary, Knox Co, KY
    d: 25 Oct 1998 Portage, Porter Co, IN
    buried: Calvary Cemetery, Portage, IN
    m: GLOSSIE SMITH, on 08 Dec 1942, in Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
    Chet &Glossie(Smith) Perry
    daughter of Will &Lillie(Taylor) Smith
    granddaughter of William &Alice(Cobb) Smith
    Glossie's COBB/Cheek g-grandparents: William T. &Mary(Cheek) Cobb
    Glossie's SASSER/Smith g-grandparents: Tom &Elizabeth(Sasser) Smith

    b: 09 Jan 1925 Blackwater, KY
    d: 16 Nov 1976 Chicago, IL
    buried: Calvary Cemetery, Portage, IN

    Gibb Perry

  • (7) Gilbert "Gibb" Perry
    b: 09 Jun 1927 Gray, KY
    m: #1=MAJORIE MILLS of Springfiled, MA (of Polish descent)
    m: #2=JACQUELINE "JACKIE" ALSIP, on 13 Apr 1955, in Jellico, TN
    daughter of Ben &Oma(Engle) Alsip
    b: 29 Oct 1928M
    d: 09 Dec 1993
    buried: Cumberland Memorial Gardens, Lily, KY
    m: #3=PAULINE (STEEL) MIDDLETON, on 01 Jul 1994
    ~~~Jackie's brothers are Ben Alsip, Jr., and Charles Alsip.
    ~~~Pauline was previously married to Gibb's 1st cousin, Delbert Middleton,
    son of Mary [Perry] Middleton (Mary is Gibb's father's sister).

    Gib &Pauline(Steel-Middleton) Perry

    on the left is

    Gibb Perry
    ~as a young man~

    on Gibb's right is his 1st cousin,
    Dave Cobb
    son of Tollie &Mary(Williams) Cobb
    & gs/o Abe &Sally(Moore) Cobb
    Gibb's mom & Dave's dad are siblings.

    Gibb Perry
    ~as an
    older young man~

    Noel Perry

  • (8) Noel Perry
    b: 12 Nov 1929 Gray, KY
    d: 17 Sep 2000 Warsaw, KY
    m: DEXTER LORAINNE PARKER, in the 1950s (later divorced)
    b: 01 Oct 1928
    d: 24 Mar 2004
    buried: Farris Cemetery, Gray, KY

    Lee Roy Perry

  • (9) Lee Roy Perry
    b: 09 Mar 1932 Gibbs/Mt.Arat/Crane Nest, Knox Co, KY
    m: #1=RUBY WALTERS, in Oct 1951 (divorced in 1954)
    m: #2=VIRGINIA LEE "JENNY" SUTTLE, on 11 Oct 1956 (later divorced)
    b: 05 Nov 1934
    d: 1985
    m: #4= JULIE CLUB

    Perry Folk
    -a Reunion snapshot-
    Back row, left-to-right:
    Lee Roy, Noel, Tollie, Woodrow
    Front row, left-to-right:
    Gib, Cory, Chet

    All but Woodrow and Cory are Alex's & Mary's kids.
    Japp Perry and Cory (Perry) Foley
    are Alex's siblings and are the children of
    Tom &Lucety(Tuttle) Perry

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