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Descendants of

Samuel Cobb

Keziah (Barber) Cobb


Samuel "Sam" Cobb
son of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
b: Before 1794 Knox Co, KY
d: date & place unknown
Keziah "Kizzie" Barber,
in 1817, in Knox Co, KY
daughter of
John &FNU(Snodgrass) Barber
b: 1798 KY or TN
d: Between 1870-1880 Marion Co, IA

Sam's Military Service
It is unconfirmed that the Samuel Cobb referred to
in the following history excerpt is the above Samuel,
but the dates and location fit.
War of 1812
According to "A History of Knox County, Kentucky," by K.S. Sol Warren
(Barbourville, KY: Daniel Boone Festival, Incorporated, 1976, p. 167),
was a private in the 8th Company, under Captain Ambrose Arthur,
part of the 13th Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers
commanded by Colonel William Dudley.

The company was formed in Barbourville as early as March 1812 and
marched during the spring of 1813. The company also included
Cornelius Taylor
[ancestor of the Stinking Creek Taylors].
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Gathering at Cincinnati, the 13th Regiment was one of four such units
commanded by General Green Clay that marched on to northern Ohio to
relieve General William Henry Harrison on the Maumee River. The enemy
was defeated at Fort Meigs, but, in what came to be called the battle of
Dudley's Defeat (May 5, 1813), the Kentucky force was trapped and nearly
wiped out after it pursued the British and Indians with excessive zeal.
Taylor in particular was wounded and taken prisoner. What was left of the
regiment managed to escape across the river and joined the 10th Kentucky
Regiment under Colonel William Boswell. (Based on Warren, pp. 160-169.)

~Cobb Family Migration~
In about 1840,
Sam and Kizzie moved to Macon Co, MO.

Sam worked as a guide,
taking groups of emigrants from Kentucky to Missouri.
Apparently, no one is sure what happened to him,
he just disappeared while traveling.
After Sam's (assumed) death, Kizzie moved to Marion Co, IA.
Members of this family branch
are buried at
Marysville City Cemetery
(aka "City Cemetery" of Marysville, IA)
Marysville, Marion Co, IA

For maps and directions,
created by MSN Network, to
Marysville Cemetery

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Members of this family branch
are buried at
Woodlawn Cemetery
(once known as the "Methodist Church Cemetery")
Lovilia, Monroe Co, IA

To visit webpages created by
a Mr. Stephen Stewart about
Woodlawn Cemetery

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Website has photos, maps, cemetery census.

Sam's & Kizzie's
List of Descendants
  • (1) James "Jim" Cobb
    b: 1818 KY
    d: 24 Mar 1891
    m: MAHALA HIBBARD, on 14 Feb 1839, in Boone Co, MO
    daughter of Samual &Nancy(Barber) Hibbard
    paternal grandparents: Lemuel &Nancy(Baker) Hibbard
    maternal grandparents: John &FNU(Snodgrass) Barber
    b: 10 Mar 1810 Barbourville, Knox Co, KY
    d: 24 Mar 1891 Lovilia, Monroe Co, IA
    Jim's mother Kizzie (Barber) Cobb is a sister
    to Mahala's mother Nancy (Barber) Hibbard; thus,
    Jim & Mahala are 1st cousins.

  • (2) Amanda Cobb
    b: 03 Apr 1820 Knox Co, KY
    d: 01 Jan 1903 Lancaster, Schuyler Co, MO
    m: ELLEDGE (SHULL) SCHOLL, on 29 Dec 1842, in Adair Co, MO
    b: 28 Jan 1812 Clark Co, KY
    d: 08 Oct 1877 Lancaster, Schuyler Co, MO

  • (3) John Cobb
    b: 1822 Knox Co, KY
    m: LARANIA "LURANY" PHIPPS, on 28 Mar 1842
    b: 1827 TN

  • (4) Amelia Cobb
    b: Between 1825-1830 KY
    d: Between 1870-1880

  • (5) Ambrose Cobb
    b: 17 Jun 1827 KY
    d: 18 Jul 1899 Lovilia, IA
    b: 1829 TN
    d: 23 Aug 1876 Lovilia, IA

  • (6) Frances "Fanny" Cobb
    b: Between 1833-1834 KY
    d: Between 1870-1880

  • (7) Hannah Cobb
    b: 1835 KY
    b: 1839 OH
    d: 16 Jan 1862

  • (8) William Madison Cobb
    b: 01 Apr 1840 KY
    d: 19 Jul 1915 MO
    m: POLLY ANN NOWALL (or Noval)
    b: 10 Jun 1849
    d: 17 Jul 1927 MO

  • (9) Samuel Cobb
    b: 23 Jan 1844 MO
    d: 17 Feb 1927
    m: MARGARET ANN FERGUSON, on 22 Mar 1866
    daughter of Calvin &Catherine(Noe) Ferguson
    b: 25 Oct 1846 Rush, IN
    d: 24 Apr 1919

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