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A Letter to Brother

A Letter From

sons of
Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser.

February 22, 1882

Dear brother,

I take the presant opportunity of writing you a few lines in answer to yours, whitch I recieved some time ago. I would have wrote sooner, but I have bin in a trot after the granny for the last two weeks - ha ha. This leaves us all well, except Mary, & she is doing verry well. She has another large stud cub, heavy satchel & well built. We have not named *him yet. Mary (Eli's wife) says tell Josy (Joseph's wife) she will sho cubs with her next fall if she comes back to Laurel, & that she would love to see her & talk with her & have some gay old fun once more.
* Is referring to Eli Sasser, Jr., who was born shortly before letter was written.

As for our land matters, they are unsettled yet. All the parties can't agree on the divide & so it remains the same. It may be settled shortly. I can't tell. Times hard, corn scarce, worth One Dollar per bushel. More some places. Hardly any moon shine whiskey. I will have a run if no bad luck this week. I wish you was here to help one drink it. If I have to drink it all by my self, I will get so fat my tail won't lay down - ha ha

My **John has got back to Uncle Harrison's from Indiana. The chills is lifting him out of his boots. He looks rather worsted. He says Jo Jones has took up with a woman out there & is whaleing away for god sake.
** Is referring to his oldest son, John Henry Sasser.

You mentioned something about old Henry Brock's litter hos(?). You will be to late about buying old Henry & his little hos. Both died out this winter. They took policy on old Henry & he sickened & died, & his little hos died from grief & want of provander.

Perry(?) Gilbert's oldest boy got killed with a tree the other day. He cut it down for a squirrel, it broke in the middle, the top fell back & broke his head. He died instantly.

If you come back next fall, you can ride on the cars to London. I guess the rail road will be complete by that time.

So I will come to taper off.

from Eli Fever-Tool-Sasser
to Too-Big-To-Shov-It-Up-Sasser

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