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The Quest of
Floyd Lee Cobb

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Floyd Lee Cobb
son of
Floyd &Ellen(Skinner-Nabours) Cobb
grandson of
John &Margaret Elizabeth(Sasser) Cobb
g-grandson of
Sam &Amanda "Mandy"(Hubbard) Cobb
gg-grandson of
John &Lurany(Phipps) Cobb
ggg-grandson of
Sam &Keziah(Barber) Cobb
gggg-grandson of
Ambrose &Rachel(Black) Cobb
ggggg-grandson of
Ambrose &Sarah(LNU) Cobb

The following narrative, written in 1999 by Floyd Lee Cobb,
is taken from the "Introduction" section of bound documents entitled
"Cobb Family Tree 1300-1999," which was prepared by
Floyd Lee Cobb, Brenda Sue Davis, and Bill Reichert.
Copies of these documents were distributed as love-gifts
to family members at a 1999 Cobb Family Reunion.
Since watching the television show, "Roots," in 1977, I have been
attempting to learn more about my ancestors. In the more than
twenty years that have passed since then, I have worked to compile
information regarding the Cobb family tree. Some of the
information was gained from sitting down and talking to family
members, some was sent to me by relatives, and quite a lot was
derived from information posted on the internet. The information
contained in this document will vary in some cases from what has
previously been written. Which version is more correct is
difficult to say; however, I will offer anecdotal and written
evidence as to why I believe this version to be accurate.

I began my quest by asking my father, Floyd Cobb, to tell me as
much as he could about the family. Dad told me quite a lot about
his siblings and parents; however, he insisted that his sister,
Mary Jane Womack, was the best source for information. So,
in the spring of 1978, Dad and I sat down with her one evening
and she told me as much as she could about who we were and where
we came from. With remarkable detail, Aunt Jane was able to take
me back as far as Samuel Ambrose Cobb (b. abt 1760), my
gggg-grandfather, who was married to Rachel Black. Finally,
she told me that she had always heard that
"originally two Cobb brothers came to America from Ireland in
the middle of the night to avoid being arrested for backing the
wrong person in a political issue."

While I found the anecdote amusing, I would not learn for nearly
twenty years how crucial that information would be in searching
out our roots.

A few years later, I would receive a document from John Fields
of Colorado that mirrored what Aunt Jane had told me. His
document added numerous names of siblings and related census data.
It also mentioned the possibility of Samuel Ambrose Cobb's dad as
being Asa Cobb of South Carolina; however, went on to doubt the
veracity of the fact.

In 1996, I found my way onto the Internet and began digging
around for more information on the Cobb Family history. I was able
to begin with John Cobb, who was born in England around 1300
and work forward to approximately 1600; however could not link up
with Samuel and Rachel Cobb. I felt certain that the link was out
there, but could not find it. But, in 1997, while shopping for
antique cat cookie jars, I found a book authored by Irvin S. Cobb and
relating to Whiskey. Remembering the tales my dad used to tell me
about whiskey, I figured Irvin had to be one of us, so I forked over
5 dollars for the book and took it home without reading it. When I
finally opened the book, what I would read would send a cold
shiver down my spine. The book would bridge the gap between
Samuel Ambrose and John Cobb. According to Irvin Cobb,
"the first of our tribe to land upon the coasts of the Western
Hemisphere - one Deacon Henry Cobb, who left Ireland just ahead of
a warrant for rebellion against the crown and then left England a
few hours before a baliff arrived with a writ."

I previously had information about Deacon Henry Cobb linking him
to John Cobb and now, thanks to Aunt Jane and Irvin S. Cobb, I had
information linking Samuel Ambrose Cobb to Deacon Henry Cobb.
Using that information, I was able to bridge the gap and cover over
600 years of Cobb family history.

Since that time, I have added many more names to the database and
my sister, Brenda (Cobb) Davis, has spent a great deal of time
obtaining names, dates, and photographs from many people. In
addition, she and Bill Reichert have spent numerous hours scanning
pictures and entering names and dates into The Family Tree Maker
computer software program and designing and printing this
document. In addition, a large family tree banner was printed to
be displayed at our 1999 Cobb Family Reunion. Without them, and
without those who have graciously provided this information, this
document and the banner would not exist. Thanks to all who
contributed. I hope that you have as much enjoyment viewing these
documents as we have had creating them.

-Floyd Lee Cobb

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