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Letter ~ Deposition
Pension Claim
Minors of Adin Sasser, Deceased


Adin Sasser
b: 03 Jun 1816 Johnston Co, NC
d: 04 Nov 1869 Laurel Co, KY
m: Elizabeth Clementine Waggoner
on 02 Oct 1838 Laurel Co, KY
b: 1816 Carter, TN
d: 1868 Laurel Co, KY
11 Children

The 1890 Letter
~ ~ ~which refers to the 1890 Deposition~ ~ ~
Lucinda Frances (Sasser) Hale

-Adin's youngest child (b: 1861)-
Joseph &Josephine(Taylor) Sasser

-Lucinda's brother (b: 1858) and sister-in-law-
May the 31
Bushes Store, Laurel Co, KY

Dear brother and sister,

I seat my self to drop you a few lines.
This leaves my self well. Hoping it will find you all the same.
I would like to hear from you all. Josy, I have another girl.
She is five months old. Her name is Nancy Malinda.
(referring to child k/a "Nannie Mae Hale," Lucinda's 5th of 7 children)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So our clame was refered to a special examiner
about one year ago. He came the 29 of May to our house.
Him and Frank went to all the witinesses and taken ther evidence.
(The "Frank" referred to is Lucinda's husband, Franklin J. Hale,
son of James F.M. &Nicey{Taylor} Hale, and grandson of

James &Betsy{Athey} Hale, and Jacob "Isaac" &Rhoda{Smith} Taylor.

He said he would send the papers back to the pension office
in a few days and we would hear from it in a month.
They will write to you I guess. They may want to know your age.
Our witinesses states to the best of ther knowledge
that you wer borned October the 12, 1858.
That is the way we have giv your age all the time.
Let what you do correspond with what we hav done
and I think our clame will soon be alowed.
It will be settled in some way.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hav not mutch tim to write now.
The neighbors are all well except Eli. He is on a drunk.
He has sold his land. He says he is going to Missori.
I fear he is going to his long home if he dont quit drinking.
(The "Eli" referred to is Eli Sasser , Lucinda's brother, b:1850)

I will expect to hear from you soon.


Joseph &Josephine Sasser
Eli Sasser

The 1890 Deposition

Lucinda Francis Sasser,
born 1861, the youngest child of
Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser,
and two of her ten older siblings were minors
at the time of their father’s death, in 1869. Their mother died in 1868.
(Lucinda married Franklin J. Hale in 1876)
In 1890, Lucinda made a deposition to the US Government for Adin's pension.
The following is a transcript of that deposition:
~ ~ ~DEPOSITION B~ ~ ~
CASE OF: Minors of Adin Sasser, No. 273777
On this 29th Day of May, 1890,
at Bush’s Store,
County of Laurel, State of Kentucky

Before me, W.H. Neas,
A Special Examiner of the Pension Office,
personally appeared
Mrs. Lucinda Francis Hale,
who being by me first duty sworn to answer truly
all interrogatories propounded to her during this
Special Examination of afore-said Pension Claim,
deposes and says:

My age is 28 years, occupation Housekeeper.
I am the wife of Franklin J. Hale,
P.O. Bush’s Store, Laurel Co, Ky.
I am one of the three Minors of Aden Sasser
who claim a Pension for said soldier,
late of Co. "H" 24th Ky. Vol. Infy.

My father and mother
have never been married before their intermarriage
and lived together as man and wife until their death.
They always lived in this County
and this is their history.

My mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth Waggoner,
she died in Fall of 1868 about a year before my father did.
Do not know exact date.
(Elizabeth Waggoner was a Bolton-Waggoner descendant.)
My father died between the first and tenth of Nov 1869.
(Adin Sasser was a Watkins-Kirby & Kirby-Sasser descendant.)
This date was set down by Jesse Hayden about a year ago,
by the recollections of those who were present at his death.
There were left only three children
by Aden Sasser and his wife, Elizabeth Sasser,
who were under sixteen (16) years of age at his death,
and no other children.
The ages and date of birth were recorded
in the family Bible, but got destroyed,
and we have recorded our ages from our recollections
and the best information we have been able to obtain
from our neighbors and those who knew.
They are as follows:

Louisa Sasser, born Sept. 4, 1857
Joseph Sasser, born Oct. 12, 1858
Lucinda F Sasser, born Sept. 4, 1861

Louisa married Milton Sasser
(Milton is the son of Barden &Pharby{Jones} Sasser , born: 1852.)
and they had four (4) children . . .
. . . Nicy, George M., Elizabeth, and M.B. Sasser,
who are still living. The parents are both dead;
Louisa Sasser died June 19, 1888.
Nicy married John Miller
and their P.O. is Jarvis Store, Knox Co, Ky.
The others are living with their grandfather, Barden Sasser,
P.O. Bush’s Store, Laurel Co, Ky.
My brother, Joseph Sasser, when I last heard from,
lived at Summerville, Texas Co, Mo.
My father lived a while in Knox Co, Ky., on Sled Road Branch,
about a mile from the Laurel Co. line, and died there.
I distinctly remember the date of my sister’s death
–Louisa Sasser– have no record.

I know of no others who were present at our births
except Nancy Jones. Kissie Tuttle is dead.
The first has left this neighborhood
and I don’t know her P.O., or whether she is living.
(The Kissie referred to is probably Kiziah {Sasser} Tuttle, Lucinda's aunt.)

I have heard read the depositions of
R.L. Ewell, C.W. Jones, Dr. N.M. Scales,
Joseph Weaver and Bardin Tuttle,
and do not desire to ask them any further questions.
Ord. Sgt. Wm. Champlin(?) was in same Company with my father
-he lives near Lily, Ky.

I understand it is my privilege to be present
in person or by Attorney during this examination,
but I cannot be present,
and give my husband full Power of Attorney in my case.

I know of no other witnesses
who would be important in this claim, or that would
know anything more than those who have already testified.
I have given you the dates of our ages and death of my parents
the best we have been able to obtain it from all sources.
I know of nothing else that would benefit my claim.

I have understood your questions
and my answers are correctly recorded in this deposition.

I write my name,
but could not go about to attend to this business,
and my husband has gone in my place and by my consent and direction
signed the papers in place of me.

Lucinda F. Hale
(formerly Lucinda F. Sasser)

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