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Letter from

Mylisa (Sasser) Lay

to her cousin
Gerusha Sasser

Mylisa Jane (Sasser) Lay
-age 31 in 1908-
b: 21 May 1877
is daughter (Child #9) to
Henry &Catherine(Wyrick) Sasser

Gerusha Bell (Sasser) Jackson
-age 22 in 1908-
b: 25 Oct 1886
is daughter (Child #4) to
Joseph &Josephine(Taylor) Sasser

Henry and Joseph are sons of
Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser

The envelope has a
red 2-cent "George Washington" postage stamp.
Return address is: "Lissa Lay - Tribbey, Okla."
Addressed to: "Miss Rusha Sasser - Brady, Okla."
Postmark is "Tribbey Dec 2 A.M. 1908"

Tribbey Okla
Dec 1

Dear cousin Rusha,

We received your card some time ago. Am sure sorry to hear of you all
being sick. We have just done fine this year. Lawrence is fat. He began
School yesterday, enrolled (9?), is teaching five miles from home, and
boarding. But I am not by myself. I am helping the Red Oak teacher.
I like her fine. Her name Nannie McKittrick. We have a time.
Clickon Red Oak to see a community group-photo taken in 1911.
However, the teacher in 1911 was a Mr. Maxey.

I had a letter from Pap yesterday. He and Ma are coming just as soon as
they can get away. He has sold his land and took a house and lot as part
pay, will sell or rent that. And is going to have a public sale to dispose
of his property. Rusha, I am afraid that he has consumption. He said there
was something the matter with his throat and could not preach much,
said he didn't cough very much except of mornings.
You know by that there is something wrong.
Note: Lissa's father lived another 2-1/2 years; d: 02 Jul 1911.

I hope to hear from you soon and to hear you are well.

Uncle Eli is gradually growing weaker, but may live until spring.
Clickon Eli to see his list of descendants.
Date of death has not yet been established for Eli.
This tells us that he was still alive in late 1908.

Do they talk of hard times down there? This is about all we hear now up
here, and some fellow running away from his debts because he can't pay
them, poor people. I am sorry for them. One fellow sold three bales of
mortgaged cotton, took the money and left, leaving a wife and six
helpless children on the mercy of we poor creatures, who are not able
to help our selves (enough of the dark side of life).

Say Rusha, I wish you, Hala, Anna, Lindsey, and Joe would come up
Xmas. Gee, wouldn't we have some fun? I would kill an old hen
and make some soup, and we would all get around the pot
and eat like "Big Ingins."

I received a letter from Mary a few days ago, she has a new baby girl
named Lula Anna. Something strange for a baby there, isn't it?
This makes only nine in all, six living.
Note: This is regarding Lissa's sister,
Mary Ellen (Sasser) Morrow---(Henry's 8th child),
and Mary's 9th child, Lou Anne (Morrow) Rowe,
who was born five months earlier, in July, 1908.

Joe (B?) and Martha Ann are our neighbors now. Joe said he saw
Frank Massey in Texas. Frank said he would be up through the
Chickasaw before long. I told Joe it wouldn't be good for him to stop
at your place as he went through. He told Joe he just got tired of
Anna and sent her home. I hope Anna will never speak to him again.
Joe asked me if I thought Anna would live with him.
The thought of it made me mad. I said no she won't.
Note: Frank Massey was 1st husband to Rusha's sister,
Lucy Anne "Annie" (Sasser) Jackson---(Joseph's 5th child).
Annie's 2nd husband( m: 05 Nov 1909) was Will Jackson.
Rusha later (between 1909-1915) married Sid Jackson.
Not yet known if these Jackson men are related.

Well good bye,
Write soon to your cousin,
Lissa Lay

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