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Pearl Perry's
Cobb-Sasser Connections


Mazie "Pearl" Taylor
daughter of
Claiborn &Sarah Elizabeth(Humfleet) Taylor
b: 09 Feb 1918
Tollie Perry
on 12 Jan 1938, in Tedders, Knox Co, KY
son of
Alex &Mary Elizabeth(Cobb) Perry
b: 13 Jan 1918

The "narrations" farther below
are compiled through information provided to us by

Glenn Earl Perry
~a Cobb and a Sasser descendant~
son of
Tollie &Mazie "Pearl"(Taylor) Perry

Part of the fun of being a Genealogy buff is those great
"finds" of coming across those loose pieces of lineage
info that "fit" into the meandering jigsaw-puzzle-like
project you're working on, "finds" that connect-the-dots,
"finds" that finally explain relationships that you
never really quite understood before. It's not unusual to
find that ancestral cousins married each other, or that
siblings from one family married siblings of another, angles
that created the "double cousins" aspect, and such. But
the "connecting-the-dots" with regards to Pearl's
"family connections" is truly a remarkable feat! If this
intrigues you, if you are indeed curious enough to try to
to follow it all, we very highly recommend that have your
Tylenols close at hand!

But of course......
this story must be preceded by some good ol
Reference Charts!
(What on earth is a Genealogist without them?)

Relationships Chart
For use with color-coordinated narrations below
Henry & Nancy
Ambrose & Rachel
#7 Piety #11 Jesse #6 Barden #2 Thomas #1 Elizabeth (Cobb)Jarvis
#7 Arthur #3 Susan #9 Abe #1 John & Lizzie Jackson(Jarvis) & Barbary
#4 Sarah #2 Clabe #1 Nancy #11 Abe Annie (Jarvis)Corey
Sarah married Clabe,
surname Taylor.
Nancy Saser
m: John Tedders,
brother to
Jackson Tedders
#6 Mary Barbara Corey
m: Jackson Tedders,
brother to
John Tedders
John and Jackson Tedders are Clabe's 1st cousins on Clabe's "Taylor" (not Sasser) side.

The SASSER Lines
Henry & Nancy Sasser are parents to Piety, Jesse, Barden.
Piety begat Arthur, who begat Sarah, who is Pearl's mother.
Jesse begat Susan, who begat Clabe, who is Pearl's father.
Barden begat Abe, who begat Nancy, who married John Tedders.

The COBB Lines
Ambrose & Rachel Cobb are parents to Thomas & Elizabeth.
Thomas begat John, who begat Abe, who begat Mary, who begat Tollie.
Elizabeth begat Jackson, who begat Annie, who begat Barbara.

The Narrations
Pearl's parents, Clabe & Sarah (Humfleet) Taylor
(who were 2nd cousins to each other), separated when
Pearl was 3 years old. Although both parents kept in
close contact with Pearl, she was raised by
Clabe's 1st cousin (on the Taylor side), Jackson Tedders,
and his wife, Barbara (Corey) Tedders.
(Pearl's offspring themselves refer to Barbara as "Moma.")
Jackson's brother, John Tedders, married Nancy Sasser,
who was Pearl's 3rd cousin-once removed.
Barbara Tedders knew when Pearl (a Sasser descendant)
married Tollie (a Cobb descendant) that Barbara herself
was "connected to" the Cobb family, but only by the
fact that her grandmother's sister, Lizzie (Tuttle) Cobb, was
married to John R. Cobb (Tollie's great-grandfather).
But, ironically, Barbara never realized that she herself was
a Cobb descendant! Her grandmother, Barbary (Tuttle) Jarvis
(sister to the beforementioned Lizzie), was married to
Jackson Jarvis, son to Elizabeth Jarvis. Barbara somehow
never realized that her Great-grandmother Elizabeth was a Cobb!
That her name was Polly Elizabeth (COBB) Jarvis!

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