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~ An 1884 Letter ~
Talitha C. (Woolum) Taylor
to her daughter

Josephine (Taylor) "Josy" Sasser
and son-in-law
Joseph "Joe" Sasser

Aug the 22, 1884

Dear Son & Daughter,

I with pleasure take my pen in hand to inform you on present time.
We received your letter last Sunday and was proud to see your pictures.
Jo, yours favor you more than Josy's did her! But you never said
nothing about whether you was well or not, and what is the reason you
never said nothing about the *baby?
* Apparently referring to Josy's & Joe's baby son Eli, who was born on June 2, 1884.

We have had some awful dry hot weather. It has not rained any to say
for about two months, but it a little apearing of rain today.

Joe, Jim Mccurg(?) said if Henry would wanted to come, to let him know
it. He would send him the money to come on, if to the amount of $100.
He said that he had written to you for 6 or 7 months and had got no
answer, so you can tell Henry this.

You wanted to know what was the reason we didn't answer your letter
that was written the Fifteenth of June. We had just started one a few
days before that. George has been down with the fever. He is on the
mend though now, & Billy had the fever about a month ago, and got well.
They is a heap of sickness in this country at this time. It is a kind
of fever a going through the country. The rest of the family is well,
except myself. I am not well nor never expect to be anymore.

Edward and Nancy Tuttle married last **Wednesday.
** Apparently referring to Edward Hale, son of James &Nicey(Taylor) Hale,
and Nancy Tuttle, daughter of
Joseph &Patience(Sasser) Tuttle,
who were married on August 13, 1884.

So I must close by saying write soon
~ from Talitha C. Taylor

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