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Gilbert Lineage Origins
Descendants of
Felix Grundy Gilbert


Felix Grundy Gilbert
b: 1754 Scotland
d: 17 Nov 1855 Spring Creek, Clay Co, KY
1st Wife:
Nancy Jane Wallace,
m: in 1789, in Wythe, VA
b: Abt 1768 Spring Creek, Clay Co, KY
d: 1825 Spring Creek, Clay Co, KY
2nd Wife:
Isabella White-Benson
m: on 19 Mar 1827, in Clay Co, KY,
daughter of
William &Anna Marie(Lowry) White
b: 1785
d: 1854

"Gilbert Connections with Historical Figures"
and with the surnames
~ Asher, Blevins, Bolling, Davis, Sizemore, Taylor ~
as per
Sandra (Asher) Tiller
daughter of
James Rondal &Bertha Lou(Melton) Asher
John &Mariah(Hignite-Hammons) Gilbert
William W. &Nancy(Taylor) Gilbert
Wallace W. &Susan(Jones) Gilbert
Felix Grundy &NancyJane(Wallace) Gilbert
John Bige Gilbert (b:1757),
a half-brother to Felix Grundy Gilbert (b:1754 Scotland), is who
talked Felix into moving to Kentucky, to around the same area as John.
John and Felix are related to William Wallace (the Scottish hero),
to Henry IV (King of England), to Robert The Bruce
(King of Scotland), and to other Royalty.
John married Mary "Molly" Bolling, a direct descendant of
John & Matoaka (Powhatan) "Pocahontas" Rebecca Rolfe,
as are most of the BOLLING/BOWLINGS of that area ...
... who married GILBERTS of that area.
John was the man who found and buried legendary Chief Redbird,
(a friendly Cherokee, for whom Red Bird River, in KY, is named)
after Chief Redbird had been bushwhacked and murdered by some
white men. Chief Redbird was a Sizemore, and through
Sizemore-Bolling marriages, is at or near the roots of many
The first settler after John on the Red Bird River
of Clay and Knox Counties, KY, was Dillion Asher (b:1777)
(John and Dillion being, literally, the first two settlers there)
. Dillion
was a close friend of, and a good a woodsman as, Daniel Boone.
Through that association, Dillion became the first tollgate keeper
of the Cumberland Gap. Dillion and his uncle, Dillion Blevins (for
whom the younger Dillion was named), were two of the original
"Kentucky Long Hunters" (in this instance, referring to men who
went from NC to the hunting grounds of KY on "long hunting trips"
that took weeks)
. During one of these trips, Dillion Asher met and
married Mary Davis, but fathered children by both Mary and her sister,
Sarah "Sally" Davis, both cousins of Jefferson Davis,
the first/only President of the "Confederate States of America."
Dillion Blevins was the brother of Dillion Asher's mother,
Margaret "Peggy" (Blevins) Asher. The two Dillions
(an Asher one, a Blevins one) are at or near the roots of many
the GILBERT/ASHER/BLEVINS/DAVIS inter-marriages of that area.
A direct descendant of both Dillion Asher and Felix Gilbert,
James Rondal Asher (b:1924),
married Bertha Melton, daughter of Alexander & Maude (Ball) Melton.
Alexander (b:c1889) is related to Daniel Boone,
and Maude (b:1892) is related to President George Washington
through his mother, Mary (Ball) Washington. Perhaps there are other
There were at least four Taylor brothers who fought in the Revolutionary
War, obtained land grants in Kentucky, and were married into the Gilberts.
Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Taylor, who fought along with (literally)
George Washington in that War, was the father of our 12th President,
Zachary "Old Rough & Ready" Taylor.
Zachary, brought as an infant from Virginia, was raised in Kentucky.
Jefferson Davis's first wife was the oldest daughter of Zachary,
but she died young and no children came of this marriage.
Per researcher Sandra (Asher) Tiller:
"I've not found a blood-line (yet) between President Zachary Taylor,
and the TAYLORS who married into 'our' GILBERTS,
but . . .
(grin) . . . I'm a working on it."

Sandra's collection of documentation includes
reprints of some very interesting chronicles
from the 1800's.
To visit our website section called
"Sandra's Notefiles"

Felix's and Nancy's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Hamilton Gilbert

  • (2) James Gilbert

  • (3) John Gilbert
    b: 1799 NC
    d: 19 Aug 1852 Clay Co, KY

  • (4) William Gilbert
    b: 1801
    m: MARTHA "MARTHY" DOUGLAS, on 21 Feb 1825, in Clay Co, KY

  • (5) Wallace W. Gilbert
    b: 1803 TN
    d: 1888 Knox Co, KY
    m: SUSAN JONES, on 22 Oct 1823, in Clay Co, KY,
    daughter of Isaac &Rhoda(Smith) Jones
    granddaughter of Vincent &Elizabeth(Cope) Jones

  • (6) Felix G. Gilbert
    b: Abt 1804 TN
    d: Oct 1855 Manchester, KY
    m: JEMIMA SNAVELY, on 23 Jan 1839, in Smyth Co, VA

  • (7) Asa Gilbert
    b: 01 Jan 1805 TN
    d: 05 Nov 1871 Clay Co, KY
    m: ANNA HENSON, on 15 Mar 1839, in Clay Co, KY,
    daughter of William &Ann(Jacobs) Henson
    b: 1817

  • (8) Mary Ann Gilbert
    b: 1806
    m: ISAAC McCOLLUM, on 21 Apr 1821, in Clay Co, KY

  • (9) Haywood Gilbert
    b: Abt 1810 Anderson Co, TN
    d: Aft 1870 Clay Co, KY
    m: SENA SMITH, on 15 Sep 1832, in Clay Co, KY,
    daughter of Jabel &Rody(Jones) Smith
    granddaughter of Thomas &Eunice(Lewis) Smith
    b: 1813 Clay Co, KY

  • (10) Isaac Gilbert
    b: Abt 1811 KY
    m: REBECCA GABBARD, on 11 Feb 1832, in Clay Co, KY
    b: Abt 1818 Clay Co, KY

  • (11) Jennie Jane Gilbert
    b: 1812 Clay Co, KY
    d: 01 Mar 1858
    m: SAMUEL JONES, on 12 Sep 1832, in Clay Co, KY
    son of Isaac &Rhoda(Smith) Jones
    grandson of Vincent &Elizabeth(Cope) Jones
    b: Abt 1798 Laurel Co, KY

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