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Descendants of

Adin Sasser
Elizabeth Clementine (Waggoner) Sasser


Adin Sasser
son of
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
paternal grandparents:
William &Martha(Bishop) Sasser
maternal grandparents:
James &Patience(Watkins) Kirby
Kirby g-grandparents:
Jesse &Penelepah(Parker) Kirby
Watkins g-grandparents:
James &Ann(LNU) Watkins
b: 03 Jun 1816 Johnston Co, NC
d: 04 Nov 1869 Laurel Co, KY
Elizabeth Clementine "Betsy" Waggoner,
on 02 Oct 1838 Laurel Co, KY
daughter of
Thomas &Elizabeth(Bolton) Waggoner
paternal ggg-grandparents:
John & Rachel(Ward) Waggoner
maternal grandparents:
Thomas & Jemima(Hammack) Bolton, Sr.
b: 1816 Carter, TN
d: 1868 Laurel Co, KY

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About Adin's Name
per Cuz Glenn E. Perry:
"The children of Adin, four hundred fifty and four."
~Ezra 2:14~

It is obvious that this Bible excerpt is the source of
"our" Adin's name, and I believe this to be the only
mention in the Bible of the name Adin. In my opinion,
the genealogical nature of the verse makes a big impact,
as "our" Adin now has by far more than 454 descendants!

Adin's & Betsy's
List of Descendants

It has not yet been confirmed that THIS Elizabeth Sasser
is the Elizabeth who married Latiney Parrott.

On the 1923 Death Certificate of Elizabeth (Sasser) Parrott,
the "Informant" listed is her son, Sollie Parrott,
who did not know his grandparents' names, except that they
were Sassers. That would not be too surprising in light of the
fact that Elizabeth's 1923 death occurred more than fifty years
after both Adin &Elizabeth(Waggoner) Sasser had died.
Elizabeth (Sasser) Parrott was estimated to be "about 80" at the
time of her death, which matches the 1843 birth year separately
estimated as that of Adin's and Betsy's daughter, Elizabeth.
To see a photocopy of the 1923 Death Certificate,
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If anyone can help us to confirm/deny our assumptions, please
for our email link.

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Some researchers believe that this Mary Jane Sasser (daughter of Adin)
is who married William Franklin Jones, while others believe that the
Mary Jane Sasser who married him is the daughter of Adin's brother,
Barden Sasser.
The following are research notes provided by Barden's gg-granddaughter
daughter of Grant &Elaine(Breshears) Sasser
granddaughter of Chet &Ella(Buchanan) Sasser
g-granddaughter of
Abe &Margaret(Hammack) Sasser.
which indicate Barden's Mary Jane as the one who married William Jones.
The Viewpoint of Adin's Mary Jane:
Adin Sasser 1860 Census
June 1, 1860

Last Name/First Name/ Age/ Sex/ Birth/ Place
Sasser Aiden/ 42/ M/ NC
Elizabeth/ 27/ F/ TN
Rebecca 19/ F/ KY
Elizabeth/ 17/ F/ KY
Thomas/ 16/ M/ KY
Nancy/ 14/ F/ KY
Eli/ 12/ M/ KY
Mahaly/ 10/ F/ KY
Mary/ 8/ F/ KY
Louisa/ 6/ F/ KY
Joseph/ 2/ M/ KY

Mary J Sasser b. 1852 (1860 Census)
m. John Gilbert
(no documentation on marriage)
*Mothers Birthplace is TN

I have not been able to locate this Mary in the 1880 Census

The Viewpoint of Barden's Mary Jane:
Bardin Sasser 1860 Census

Last Name/ First Name/ Age/ Sex/ BirthPlace/ Occupation
Sasser Barthan/ 40/ M/ NC/ Farmer
Phly/ 29/ F/ KY
Elizabeth/ 11/ F/ KY
Nicy/ 9/ F/ KY
Milton/ 7/ M/ KY
Mary/ 3/ F/ KY
Wesley/ 4M/ M/ KY
Nancy C/ 1/ F/ KY

Mary b. 1857
*Mothers Birthplace is KY

In 1880 for the Federal Census I have:
MS=Marital Status
FB=Father's BirthPlace

Name/ Relation/ MS/ Gender/ Race/ Age/ BP/ Occupation/ FB/ MB
Wm. F. JONES/ Self/ M/ M/ W/ 26/ KY/ Farming/ KY/ KY
Mary J. JONES/ Wife/ M/ F/ W/ 25/ KY/ Keeping House/ NC/ KY
Thos. J. JONES/ Son/ S/ M/ W/ 8/ KY/ KY/ KY
Sarah E. JONES/ Dau/ S/ F/ W/ 6/ KY/ KY/ KY
Bardin C. JONES/ Son/ S/ M/ W/ 3/ KY/ KY/ KY
Catharine JONES/ Dau/ S/ F/ W/ 4M/ KY/ KY/ KY

Mary J. Jones b.1855
*Mother's Birthplace is KY

*Assuming that Mary J. Jones is
the daughter of Bardin, the mother's
birthplace would be Kentucky which
is where Pharby was born.

But in Mary, Adin's daughter, her
mother Elizabeth was born in Tennessee.

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