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Descendants of

Piety (Sasser) Humfleet

William "Bill" Humfleet


Piety Sasser
daughter of
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
b: 20 Jun 1821 Johnston Co, NC
d: Aft. 1888 Mt. Olivet, Knox Co, KY
William "Bill" Humfleet
son of
James "Jim" &Elizabeth(Langley-Bass) Humfleet
grandson of Job & Unknown Humfleet
b: 20 Jun 1806 NC
d: 1865 Knox Co, KY
buried: Robinson Creek Church Cemetery

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~Humfleet's and the Civil War~

by Bill's & Piety's gg-grandson
Glenn Earl Perry
With Bill and Piety heading a very large household at Mt. Olivet, the
Humfleets had a renewed front-porch-view of history as rival armies
alternately poured along the road during the 1860s. Although most people in
the Mountains of the eastern parts of Kentucky and Tennessee
(where the absence of large-scale agriculture made slavery fairly uncommon)
favored the Union cause, the Humfleets embraced the Confederacy.
Why they did so is not clear.
Perhaps it was a matter of loyalties developing after members of
the family got recruited by whatever side. In any case, considerable
enthusiasm seems to have developed, for there is a story about a female
relative visiting at Mt. Olivet who stood outside the house chanting
"Hurrah for Jeff Davis!" as the Union troops passed by on< their way to
Cumberland Gap and decisive battles beyond. But these years did not produce
much fun. Even the house is said to have burned, with what had been started
as a barn now being finished by the women and boys to serve instead as the
Humfleet home, for all the men were now gone. The three sons who served in
the Confederate Army eventually returned home. But Piety's brothers in the
Union Army were not so fortunate; her brother, Jesse Sasser, died
during the war, and her brother, Adin Sasser, became terribly disabled
and did not long survive the end of the conflict.
Still, the saddest news at Mt. Olivet related to Bill's arrest
on accusations -false, as tradition says- that he had cut a Union Army
telegraph line. He was taken away as a prisoner of war to Johnson's Island,
Sandusky Bay, Ohio, in Lake Erie. His suffering there must have been
horrible, for in November 1862, when Bill's ordeal was only beginning,
it inspired a fellow prisoner to write a poem, a Hymn that some believe
was written in Bill's honor.
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According to one tradition,
President Lincoln finally pardoned Bill, but the attempt to get home
-by foot much of the way, or so the story has passed down to us-
proved worse than prison. In January of 1865 word reached Piety that her
husband had perished from pneumonia only a few miles away, at East Bernstedt,
in Laurel County, where she took the wagon to bring his body the rest of the
way home. According to one of his granddaughters who was born only ten
years later, even the body did not get all the way back for burial at Mt. Olivet,
and instead Bill was laid to rest up the road at the Robinson Graveyard.
Three Humfleet brothers, James Henry (known as Henry), Jonathan and
Madison all served in the Confederate Army. In addition, Betsy's
husband, Joe Waggoner, and Patsy's husband, Thomas Tuttle, also were
in the Confederate Army. Melvina B. Sprinkle, was married twice. First
to Dixon Kirby and second to Jonathan Humfleet. The unusual thing here
is that Dixon Kirby was a Union soldier and Jonathan was a Confederate.
A legend about Arthur Humfleet, told to me by a cousin
(and apparently not intended to be literally true):
When the soldiers came to Mt. Olivet during the Civil War and asked
for water, Arthur showed them the spring (the family's source of
water, as I used to hear from my grandmother) and they drank it dry!
The reading further above tells of William Humfleet's imprisonment during
the Civil War and that he is buried at the Robinson Church Cemetery. My
source for this was my grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth (Humfleet) Taylor.
She said that
he died on his long walk back home from the Union prison
and that somehow his body was NOT brought back to Mt. Olivet
to be buried, as many people assume it was.

I think this story has an important degree of credibility precisely
because it contradicts what people tend to assume, as well as because
my grandmother -born only ten years after the event- told the story so
confidently. She must have heard this often from her father and others.
According to cousin Robert Helton, William Humfleet's first cousin,
James Harvey "Harv" Humfleet, was a Union soldier, but Pat Mellor's book
states that Harv, too, was a Confederate soldier.
There was a William Umfleet (not to be confused with Piety's husband)
who was in the Union Army. His wife Julia is listed as receiving a pension
and living at Gray, Knox County, KY in 1890, as I remember. Nobody seems
to be able to figure out who this William was.

Name & Rank: Jonathan Umfleet, Pvt
Unit: Burrough's L. Art'y Co
Enlisted: May 1, 1862 at Cumberland Gap
Reel: 91 Confederate

Name & Rank: J.M. Humfleet, Pvt
Unit: McClung's L. Art'y Co
Enlisted: ---
Reel: 95 Confederate (deserted)

Name & Rank: M. Humfleet, Pvt
Unit: McClung's L. Art'y Co
Enlisted: ---
Reel: 95 Confederate (deserted)

Name & Rank: H. Humfleet, Pvt
Unit: Co. e, 20th Infantry
Enlisted: Oct 18, 1861 at London, KY
Reel: 202 Confederate
Age 29. P.O.W. Died Dec. 30, 1862
Name & Rank: James H. Humfleet, Capt
Unit: Co. E. 10th Infantry
Enlisted: April 19, 1862 at Columbia
Reel: 192 Confederate
Age 30. Born in Laurel Co, KY
War of 1812

Name & Rank: Joseph Waggoner, Pvt
Unit: Co. E, 10th Infantry
Enlisted: No enlistment information
Reel: 158 Confederate

Name & Rank: Thomas Tuttle, Pvt
Unit: Burrough's L. Art'y Co
Enlisted: May 1, 1862 at Cumberland Gap
Reel: 91 Confederate

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