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Descendants of

Eli Sasser

Mary (Tuttle) Sasser


Eli Sasser
son of
Adin &Betsy(Waggoner) Sasser
grandson of
John Henry &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
b: Apr 1850 Laurel Co, KY
d: Appx 1913 Cleveland Co, OK
buried: Red Oak Cemetery, Cleveland Co, OK
Mary Tuttle,
on 12 Feb 1871, in Clay Co, KY
daughter of
James &Elizabeth(Yeager) Tuttle
granddaughter of
Wm. Peter &Elizabeth(Smith) Tuttle, Sr.
b: 1849 Clay Co, KY
d: 1886
(died of complications during her 12th pregnancy)

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Eli married Nicey Hampton, on 17 Jun 1907, in Laurel Co, KY,
daughter of George and Chanta Hampton, b: 1882,
but Nicey was remarried, on 18 May 1909, to J.M. McBee.

Regarding Eli's Death:

There has been much controversy as to when Eli died and
where that he is buried. But, according to:

(1).----his granddaughter, Loretta (Cox) Hale,
"Eli died in Oklahoma, and is buried at Red Oak Cemetery,
Tribbey, OK - not in Arkansas, as some believed."
And, that he asked the Baptist people to sing
"Just Beyond the Rolling River," as he lay dying."

(2).-----his granddaughter, Nellie (Sasser) Nelson,
"Eli is buried in Red Oak Cemetery, North and East of
Lexington, OK. We've seen the grave, but now it can't
be located. It only had rocks piled on it.....the care-
takers have moved all the stones around graves like that,
so they could mow. My dad showed me where it was.....
I could show you just the general area."

(3).-----noting that
Eli married for the second time in 1907 (at the age of 57),
and that the woman he married, Nicey (age 25), married
again in 1909. It is not known if Eli and Nicey divorced,
or if he died sometime between 1907 and 1909.

(4).-----his great-grandson, Floyd Lee "Bimbo" Cobb,
"I have a pocket knife and plug of tobacco that Dad gave me
over thirty years ago that belonged to Eli, Sr. As I recall,
he said his grandpa died when he was 10 (1913) ...."

Eli and Mary,
John Henry b: 1870, Haley b: 1871, Bob b: 1873

Eli's & Mary's
List of Descendants:


Attaway-Sasser Connection
Nannie (Sasser) & Charles Attaway
Joe & Ada (Attaway) Sasser (& kids)
Eli, Jr. & Alice (Attaway) Sasser
Luther & Rachel (Sasser) Attaway

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