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Descendants of

Joseph "Joe" Sasser

Martha "Ada" Attaway


Joseph "Joe" Sasser
son of
Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser
b: 11 Mar 1880 Pigeon Roost, Clay Co. KY
d: 01 Jun 1958 in Hilltop, Mayes Co, OK
buried: Spavinaw-Strang Cemetery, Spavinaw, Mayes Co, OK
Martha "Ada" Attaway,
on 03 Aug 1901, in Henderson Indian Territory, OK
daughter of
Ellet B. &Nannie(Kelly) Attaway
b: 21 Dec 1884 TX
d: 04 Jan 1919 Dutton, Madison Co, AR
buried: Frank Jones Cemetery, Madison Co, AR
Joe's 2nd marriage:
Fannie Cochran Isaacs
m: on 06 May 1921
divorced, no children

Joe &Fannie(Isaacs) Sasser
Joe's 3rd marriage:
Martha Timmons Pancoast
m: on 05 Jul 1951
no children

Joe &Martha(Pancoast) Sasser

Please Note!
There were 4 Sasser siblings who married 4 Attaway siblings.
Joe's and Ada's were one of those marriages. The others were:
Nannie Evelyn Sasser -to- Charles Wesley Attaway,
Robert Eli Sasser -to- Alice Amelia Attaway,
Katherine Rachel Sasser -to- Luther John Henry Attaway.

Some descendants from those marriages are very highly interested
in being in contact with other fellow-descendants or with
anyone who could provide them with any lineage information.
To email, please clickon the name below:

Etheda Jo (Sasser) Wallis
(this address updated on 2-1-10)

Etheda will share the information with other interested cousins.

Etheda has provided a great deal of lineage info and photos
that appear on any number of the pages at this website.

Joe & Ada
with 2 of their children:
Joseph & Mahala

Joe's and Ada's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Nannie Sasser
    b: 20 Mar 1902
    d: 23 Mar 1902

  • (2) Charles Wesley "Charlie" Sasser
    b: 15 Jan 1904 Lewisville Co, KY
    d: 23 Feb 1975 Jay, Delaware Co, OK
    buried: Spavinaw-Strang Cemetery, Spavinaw, Mayes Co, OK
    m: IVA NELLA MARTIN, on 26 Jan 1924 Murphy, Mayes Co, OK
    daughter of Caleb &Alice(Washburn) Martin
    b: 29 Oct 1903 near Ketchum, Mayes Co, OK
    d: 20 Jan 1996 Salina, Mayes Co, OK
    buried: Spavinaw-Strang Cemetery, Spavinaw, Mayes Co, OK

    "Favorite Memories"
    by Charlie's & Iva's niece,
    Etheda Jo (Sasser) Wallis

    Charlie & Iva
    Charlie Sasser
    was a dedicated family man.

    He worked for the City of Tulsa as grounds
    keeper for 30 or so years. He was an active
    member of the Free Will Baptist Church for many
    years. I remember him as being one of the best
    men tht I ever knew, and with a delight in
    children. His sense of humor delighted us and
    he always seemed to have time to joke or kid
    one of us. We all loved him and wanted to go
    to his house to "play." He always made each
    of us feel special. Even as adults. He proved it
    by stopping traffic in two different directions
    one day in downtown Pryor, to roll down the
    window on his pickup and to sing me the first
    verse of the "Old Gray Mare," at the top of
    his voice. Then he calmly drove away.
    Left me in stitches.
    Iva Sasser
    was one of the best cooks around.

    They had a long table with a bench on the back,
    and my delight was to sit there with the
    family and to eat her cooking.

    We never came to visit that she
    and Uncle Charlie didn't ask us to stay
    (at least to eat), and to stay the night
    if possible.

    Her garden was her delight
    - vegetables and flowers.

    I especially remember her Hollyhocks.

    The Charlie Sasser Family
    ~Photo provided by Shirley (Sasser) Akers~

  • (3) Mahala Mae "Haley" Sasser
    b: 11 Apr 1907
    d: 28 May 1976 Spavinaw, Mayes Co, OK
    buried: Spavinaw-Strang Cemetery, Spavinaw, Mayes Co, OK
    m: WILLIAM GRANT HIBBARD, on 31 Oct 1924
    son of Thomas&Lydia(Hammons) Hibbard
    paternal grandparents: Taylor &Nancy(Jones) Hibbard
    paternal g-grandparents: Wiley &Emily(Dorton) Hibbard
    paternal gg-grandparents: John &Margaret(LNU) Hibbard
    maternal grandparents: James Mattison &Vistina Ellen(Burnett) Hammons

  • (4) Lissie Sasser
    b: 18 Feb 1909
    d: 20 Apr 1909

  • (5) Joseph Chester "Jody" Sasser
    b: 31 Mar 1912 Tribbey, Pottawatomie Co, OK
    d: 14 Jul 1964 Pryor, Mayes Co, OK
    buried: Spavinaw-Strang Cemetery, Spavinaw, Mayes Co, OK
    m: ZELVA PARALEE "DUTCH" DICKERSON, on 16 Aug 1934, in Chouteau, Mayes Co, OK
    daughter of Wm. "Frank" &Melvina "Mellie"(Dickerson) Dickerson
    granddaughter of Nathan &Mary "Polly"(Barham) Dickerson
    g-granddaughter of Nathaniel "Eli" &Anna(Byrd) Dickerson
    b: 15 Nov 1915 Taft, Franklin Co, AR

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    The Children of
    Eli & Mary (Tuttle) Sasser
    1\ John "Henry" Sasser\b:1870
    & Georgieanne (Burnett) Sasser
    2\ Mahala "Haley" (Sasser) Cheek\b:1871
    & Andrew "Andy" Cheek
    3\ Robert Eli "Bob" Sasser\b:1873
    & Melvina (Burnett) Sasser
    4\ James Darling "Jim" Sasser\b:1874
    & Nannie (Burnett) Sasser
    5\ Margaret "Liz" (Sasser) Cobb\b:1876
    & John Cobb
    6\ Eliza Jane Sasser\b:1878
    "The Mysteries of Eliza Jane"
    7\ Mary Ann (Sasser) Stanley\b:1879
    & Will Stanley
    8\ Joseph "Joe" Sasser\b:1880
    & Ada (Attaway) Sasser
    9\ Eli Sasser, Jr.\b:1882
    & Alice (Attaway) Sasser
    10\ Nancy "Nannie" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1884
    & Charles W. Attaway
    11\ Kate "Rachel" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1885
    & Luther Attaway

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