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Descendants of

John Henry Sasser

Georgianne (Burnett) Sasser


John Henry Sasser
son of
Eli &Mary(Tuttle) Sasser,
b: 02 Feb 1870 Clay Co, KY
d: May 1926 Knox Co, KY
buried: Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
(Note: Birthdate on headstone reads 1874 in error.)
m: #1= Eliza A. Linch, on 11 Aug 1894
m: #2= Georgianne "Annie" Burnett,
on 10 Aug 1899, in Laurel Co, KY
daughter of
Steve & Ellen(Burnett-Hammons) Burnett
b: May 1880 Knox Co, KY
buried: Cobb Cemetery, Knox Co, KY

(Note: Birthdate on headstone reads 1874 in error.)

Annie is sister to Nannie Burnett,
who married John Henry's brother,
James Darling Sasser.
The two couples were married in a
double wedding at Freedom Church.
Previously, in 1895, another sister, Viney Burnett,
had married another of the Sasser brothers,
Robert Eli Sasser.
Annie's second spouse was
Thomas E. "Tom" Sasser
(Tom & Annie never married)
son of
Wallace &Eliza(Williams) Sasser
grandson of
Jesse &Nancy(Gilbert) Sasser
b: 02 Feb 1875 Laurel Co, KY
d: 09 Feb 1965
buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Laurel Co, KY
Annie and Tom had two sons,
Lawton Sasser and Thomas Eric Sasser, Jr.
Clickon Tom for his and Annie's further List of Descendants.

Descendants of John Henry Sasser
(except where noted)
Left to right:
Bertha Ellen (Sasser) Cox
Mary Jane (Cobb) Womack (JH's niece)
Margaret Liz (Sasser) Cobb (JH's sister)
Lola Mae (Cobb) Walters
Mellie (Gray) Sasser
In very front: Jack Sasser
Right of Jack: Nannie(Sasser)Cobb-Perry
Behind Nannie: Charles Vasco Sasser
To right of Charles: Robert Perry
Front of Robert: Lois (Cobb) Brewer

John-Henry's & Annie's
List of Descendants

Nannie's third husband, Robert Perry, was previously married to his
cousin, Berth Cobb, a sister to Nannie's second husband, Boone Cobb.
Robert and Berth had lived as farmers at Tedders, KY, and had four
children; then, in about 1946, shortly after they moved from Tedders,
KY, to Boone Heights, KY (just outside of Barbourville), they divorced.
Robert then married Nannie, who was recently divorced from Boone.
Boone and Nannie had two daughters, and previously had been next-door
neighbors to Robert and Berth, at Tedders, KY. Robert and Nannie
never had any children together. They lived for several years at Gray,
Knox Co, KY (near Corbin), and Robert hauled timber in his truck to
mines in Harlan County. Then, in the 1950s, Robert and Nannie moved
to Fairfield, OH, where they lived for the rest of their lives.
Robert worked for Fisher Body in Hamilton, OH.
They were devout Pentecostals.

Robert & Nannie

On the far right is
Robert Perry.
On the far left is Robert's father,
Alex Perry.
In the center is Nannie's brother,
Cecil Sasser

Assorted lineage info and photos for
this "John Henry Sasser" page
were generously provided to us by

Candy (Walters) Koehling
daughter of Arthur &Lola Mae(Cobb) Walters
granddaughter of
Boone &Nannie(Sasser-Gilbert) Cobb
Many assorted photos for
this and other pages at this site
have generously been provided to us by

Mazie (Perry) Sparks
daughter of
Robert &Bertha(Cobb) Perry


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The Children of
Eli & Mary (Tuttle) Sasser
1\ John "Henry" Sasser\b:1870
& Georgieanne (Burnett) Sasser
2\ Mahala "Haley" (Sasser) Cheek\b:1871
& Andrew "Andy" Cheek
3\ Robert Eli "Bob" Sasser\b:1873
& Melvina (Burnett) Sasser
4\ James Darling "Jim" Sasser\b:1874
& Nannie (Burnett) Sasser
5\ Margaret "Liz" (Sasser) Cobb\b:1876
& John Cobb
6\ Eliza Jane Sasser\b:1878
"The Mysteries of Eliza Jane"
7\ Mary Ann (Sasser) Stanley\b:1879
& Will Stanley
8\ Joseph "Joe" Sasser\b:1880
& Ada (Attaway) Sasser
9\ Eli Sasser, Jr.\b:1882
& Alice (Attaway) Sasser
10\ Nancy "Nannie" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1884
& Charles W. Attaway
11\ Kate "Rachel" (Sasser) Attaway\b:1885
& Luther Attaway

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