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Descendants of

Thomas Adin Sasser


Sarah "Lela"(McCarty) Sasser


Thomas Adin Sasser
son of
Henry Adin &Catherine Elizabeth(Wyrick) Sasser
b: 22 Feb 1869 Laurel Co, KY
d: 22 Oct 1943
buried: Hillcrest Cemetery, Edinburg, Hidalgo Co, TX
Sarah "Lela" McCarty,
on 24 Dec 1890, in Marion Co, AR
daughter of
Edward &Louisa(Duren) McCarty
b: 21 Apr 1874 Yellville, Marion Co, AR
d: Oct 1948
buried: Edinburg Cemetery

Taken at Charlie's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party
back row left to right:
Floyd, Alma, Hazel, Laurence, Albert, Emil
font row left to right:
*Gertrude, Ola, Fena, Charlie, Bertha, Ethel
Gertrude lived to be 101 years old!

were the first in the area to get
liquid propane for cooking.
It was called Skell-gas
(after the Skelly Oil Company).
The neighborhood boys
courted the Sasser girls by
horse and buggy Sunday afternoons.
All this before
the coming of the automobile.
After Hwy 66 was built
in front of Tom's house,
this put them on the front porch.

Thomas's & Lela's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Charley Egbert Sasser
    b: 28 May 28 1892 Yellville, Marion Co, AR
    d: 24 Dec 1965 Lake Jackson, TX

  • (2) Bertha Catherine Sasser
    b: 30 Dec 1893 Yellville, Marion Co, AR
    d: 19 Sep 1982
    buried: Highland Memorial Pk., Weslaco, Hidalgo Co, TX
    m: JOSEPH GEORGE ADAMS, on 31 Dec 1911, in Weslaco, Hidalgo Co, TX
    son of Benjamin &Martha(LNU) Adams
    b: 1890
    d: 1974
    buried: Highland Memorial Park, McAllen, TX

  • (3) Icephenia "Fena" Sasser
    b: 04 Oct 1895 Yellville, Marion Co, AR
    d: Feb 1968
    buried: Alington Cemetery, Oklahoma Co, OK
    m: FORREST SWEARINGEN, on 08 Oct 1914
    After Fena's death, Forrest married Linna Ethel Sasser,
    daughter to James Nelson &John Anna(Stone) Sasser.
    James is son the son of
    Henry Adin &Catherine(Wyrick) Sasser.

  • (4) Gertrude Melissa "Trude" Sasser
    b: 06 Jan 1897 Yellville, Marion Co, AR
    d: 11 Feb 1998 Edmond, Oklahoma Co, OK
    m: FLOYD M. CRABB, on 24 Aug 1918, in Oklahoma City, OK
    Per Trude's niece-in-law, Evelyn (Birkholz) Swails . . . . .
    "Aunt Gertrude's birth certificate showed her name as Melissa Gertrude Sasser.
    She was named for Grandpa Sasser's sister, Melissa (Lizzy). When I asked Aunt Gertrude
    about this, she told me that she changed the order of her name because she liked
    it better that way. If you knew Aunt Trude, you could understand this change."

  • (5) Lela Ethel Sasser
    b: 14 Mar 1899 Selmore, Christian Co, MO
    d: 17 Jan 1986 Arcadia, Oklahoma Co, OK
    m: ROBERT JEREMIAH "JERRY" SWAILS, on 19 May 1919, in Guthrie, OK
    b: 24 Jul 1900 Clarksdale, MO
    d: Aug 1971 Weslaco, Hidalgo Co, TX
    Per Lela's daughter-in-law, Evelyn (Birkholz) Swails,
    Lela died of interstitial lung disease, as did her nieces
    (daughters of Lela's brother Thomas Emil Sasser)
    Barbara Jo (Sasser) Kirk and Beverly June (Sasser) Brundige
    (who died within two months of each other.

  • (6) Ola Jane Sasser
    b: 07 Sep 1901 Higlandville, MO
    d: 04 Feb 1982
    buried: Rose Lawn Cemetery, McAllen, TX
    m: TALMAGE LLOYD GREEVER, on 24 May 1928, in Hidalgo Co, TX
    son of Charles &Drucilia(Fuller) Greever
    b: 22 Feb 1891 Kiowa, Barber Co, KS
    d: 26 Aug 1958
    buried: Rose Lawn Cemetery, McAllen, TX

  • (7) Alma May Sasser
    b: 17 Mar 1903 in Highlandville, Christian Co, MO
    d: 11 Jul 1983
    buried: Hillcrest Cemetery, Edinburg, Hidalgo Co, TX
    son of Jesse &Sarah(Cantrell) Horner
    b: 23 Dec 1899 Marion Co, AR
    d: Mar 1977
    buried: Hillcrest Cemetery, Edinburg, Hidalgo Co, TX

  • (8) Floyd Edward Sasser
    b: 13 Jul 1905 Highlandville, Christain Co, MO
    d: 24 Jun 1975
    buried: Valley Memorial Garden Cemetery, Edinburg, TX
    m: MARY FRANCES DYER, on 31 Dec 1926, in OK
    daughter of William &Lucille(Turley) Dyer
    b: 22 Nov 1901 Warrensburg, Johnston Co, MO
    d: 18 Feb 1991
    buried: Valley Memorial Garden Cemetery, Edinburg, TX

  • (9) Laurence Henry Sasser
    b: 04 Dec 1908 Highlandville, MO
    d: 11 Jul 1981 Arcadia, Oklahoma Co, OK
    buried: Arcadia Cemetery, Arcadia, OK
    m: ALICE MAE HODGE, on 30 Sep 1933
    daughter of T.A. &unknown Hodge
    b: 18 Dec 1912

  • (10) Thomas Emil Sasser
    b: 23 Feb 1910 Higlandville, Christian Co, MO
    d: 30 Apr 1968 San Antonio, TX
    m: #1=LEXIE NAOMI HIMES, on 25 Sep 1932, in Stillwater, OK
    b: 10 Apr 1911 Glencoe, OK, d: 1968
    m: #2=HAZEL LNU, in about 1962

  • (11) Albert Norman Sasser
    b: 14 Mar 1913 Oklahoma Co, OK
    d: 06 May 1986
    buried: Kansas Cemetery, Piedmont, OK
    m: DOROTHY OMA HOLCOMB, on 08 Jul 1933
    daughter of James William &Hester Belle(Dickerson) Holcomb
    granddaughter of David & FNU (Elliston) Holcomb
    b: 11 May 1912 Edmond, OK
    d: 16 Jun 2000 Norman, OK

    by Cuz Don Sasser
    (son of Albert's brother,
    Floyd Edward Sasser)
    Re: Dorothy Oma (Holcomb) Sasser
    Dorothy's father, James William Holcomb (b:15 Aug 1867 Whitesburg, KY),
    was the son of David &FNU(Elliston) Holcomb. His mother died when he was
    very young, so his father (David Holcomb) and his mother's parents raised
    him (their name was Elliston - Elliston, KY, is named after their family).
    David was a Baptist minister. Dorothy once said that her father remembered
    riding horseback 40 miles during the week so David could preach.
    They'd barely get home each week til they went back again. James received
    his education in Kentucky. He earned a teachers certificate and a law degree
    before he made the run to Oklahoma and staked a claim NW of Piedmont,
    Oklahoma. He sold Singer Sewing machines on the week ends. When he retired
    from school teaching, he was a realtor in Oklahoma City. James's father-in-law,
    Manar Dickerson, was a builder. Manar built houses and James sold them.
    Dorothy was born in the last house they built. They built and owned all
    the houses in that block of I35 at Blackwelder, in Oklahoma City.
    Dorothy's mother, Hester Belle (Dickerson) Holcomb, died when Dorothy
    was about 30 years old. Dorothy's father, James, died about 6-8 years later.
    Dorothy had five brothers and one sister.

  • (12) Hazel Lillian Sasser
    b: 03 Aug 1914 Luther, OK
    d: 29 May 1982 Edinburg, Hidalgo Co, TX
    m: #1=CLYDE EMIL DOWELL, II, in 1932
    son of Clyde &Ethel(Fowler) Dowell
    m: #2=WESLEY N. BEST, in 1953
    b: 13 Apr 1911
    d: Dec 1981 Edinburg, Hidalgo Co, TX

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