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Junior Cobb

Junior Richard Cobb
son of
Elmer Rufus &Ruby(Acklin) Cobb
grandson of
James Bedford Cobb & Emaline McCarty
gggg-grandson of
Ventner Cobb

Junior is a world renowned woodcarver.
Some of his works are in the Smithsonian.

From the pages of "Mountain People," a series of books by "National Geographic."
The caption, located above at left-center, reads as follows:
Limbering up the slingshot he calls his "beanflip," Junior Cobb takes one
of his frequent breaks from "whittlin'." Junior, his wife, Helen, and their
five children live in a shanty next to the rustic workshop (below) where he
transforms mountain woods into his highly popular carvings. As do many
sculptors, he usually works with models clearly in mind.
The 16-inch-high hillbillies opposite resemble neighbors.

More. . .from the above shown pages of National Geographic's "Mountain People" series.

Junior's autograph on the Cover Page of the above book series.

Junior can't read or write, but he learned to sign his name by
copying it over and over. He doesn't recognize individual letters
of the alphabet, but he does recognize his name
when the letters are grouped accordingly.

Junior hand-carved the sign for the most famous landmark of Norfork, AR.

The caption of this news clipping reads as follows:
Bulletin Photograph by John Particillo
The long-awaited arrival of the new hand-carved sign welcoming people
to the Wolf House brought many people out to Norfork on Saturday for
its unveiling. Noted Arkansas woodcarver Junior Cobb (above) carved
the sign that depicts a blacksmith at work. Several people contributed
to the sign, including those who donated the cedar.
Artist Harvey Hubbard drew in the scenery
and brought the sign to life with stain and color after it was carved.

The top photo of this webpage accompanied the article and clippings below.

Mementos of a proud sister...
For this webpage, Junior's sister,
Bonnie (Cobb) Tudor
lovingly provided us with all these photos, articles and clippings.
Bonnie tells us that ...
Someone should write a book
about Junior He has lived
such an interesting life.
He has been to visit
presidents and carved his
name on their desk, he has
appeared on the
"Beverly Hillbillies,"
and much more. He is a
different type of person
from most; he has
what some people call a
"sixth sense,"
and what others call
"absolutely crazy!"
He never learned to read
or write, yet he can quote
the Bible to you
almost by scripture.
He is a unique individual.

...another special clipping...

The caption under this clipping reads as follows:
Photo by John Particillo
Local woodcarver Junior Cobb takes time out from carving
to take aim with a "bean-flip" presented by photographer
John Particillo as a gift in exchange for an interview.
Cobb's work, depicting Ozarks life, is known nationwide.
Particillo's visit with Cobb is the feature of this week's
"Weekend Focus" on Page 1B of today's edition.

Another delightful article about our kooky ol Cuz Junior!

Junior has suffered a stroke
that required quadruple by-pass heart surgery.
The stroke left him blind and partially paralyzed.
He can no longer carve.

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