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Descendants of

Speed Cobb

Hattie Lee (Agee) Cobb


Speed Cobb
son of
John Thomas &Mary E.(Sanders) Cobb
gg-grandson of
Ventner Cobb
b: 15 Jul 1885 Jessamine Co, KY
d: 13 Jun 1916 (in accident with a mule team)
Hattie Lee Agee
daughter of
Isaac &Mary Ann(Duncan) Agee
b: 04 Jul 1886 Madison Co, KY
d: 09 Jun 1965 Fayette Co, KY (diabetes)
buried: Richmond Cemetery, Madison Co, KY

Speed & Hattie had 5 children.
After Speed died, Hattie married Joe Rhodus, and had 5 more children.
After Hattie died, Joe married (name unknown) and had 4 children.
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Speed's & Hattie's
List of Descendants
  • (1) Clemons Cobb
    b: 1905 Jessamine Co, KY
    d: 1906 Jessamine Co, KY

  • (2) Harold W. Cobb
    b: 27 Feb 1906 McClain Co, IL
    d: 04 Mar 1986 Milford, CT
    m: Kathlene Creane
    b: 10 Dec 1907 County Mayo, Ireland
    d: 01 Aug 1985 Bridgeport, CT

  • (3) Wilbur Ritter Cobb
    b: 24 Jun 1909 McClain Co, IL
    d: 05 Mar 2000 (Cobb Cemetery, Jessamine Co, KY)
    m: Clara Chaney, in 1929
    b: 16 May 1911
    Wilbur, Clara, & Family

    During a 1999 Cobb-Chaney Family Reunion,
    a very special "extra" event was celebrated,
    the event of Wilbur's & Clara's 70th wedding anniversary.
    James Welch "Jim" Cobb (who is a family genealogist),
    presented the couple with a very special gift.
    Prior to the reunion, Jim contacted all of their children
    and obtained a storehouse of genealogical information on the
    Wilbur/Clara branch, all of which he combined with data he'd
    already accumulated over the years on Wilbur's parents' branch,
    the Speed/Hattie branch. Jim then created a book, entitled,
    which contained information that was current up to the day of
    the reunion. He presented Wilbur and Clara with a copy
    (as well as copies to all of their children)
    as his anniversary gift to them. What a fantastic gift!
    And Jim provided us with that great photo above,
    which was taken at the reunion.
    Jim is Wilbur's 2nd cousin-once removed, and is son of
    Tom Welch Cobb, and grandson to Speed's brother,
    Ernest Cobb.

    For more information about the book he created,

    To read Wilbur's obituary,
    click here.
    (will open a separate window)
    Obituary scan provided to us by James W. Cobb.

  • (4) Bernard Cobb
    b: 23 Aug 1914 McClain Co, IL
    d: 03 Sep 1914 McClain Co, IL

  • (5) Irene Cobb
    b: 25 Jul 1915 McClain Co, IL
    m: #1=Ethridge Newton Taylor
    b: 23 Nov 1916 Madison Co, KY
    d: 18 Jun 1968 Jessamine Co, KY
    m: #2=William Garrett
    b: 1907 IL
    d: 1981 Jessamine Co, KY

    Extended Families
    Descendant lists provided to us by James W. Cobb
    grandson of Ernest &Dora(Perkins) Cobb

    After Speed died, Hattie married Joe Rhodus and had 5 children,
    who are half-siblings to the "Speed/Hattie" siblings.

    After Hattie died, Joe married (name unknown) and had 4 children,
    who are half-siblings to the "Joe/Hattie" siblings.

    There is no blood-relationship between the
    "Speed/Hattie" siblings and the "Joe/FNU" siblings.

    Descendants of Joe &
    Hattie Lee (Agee-Cobb) Rhodus
    Descendants of Joe &
    (name unknown) Rhodus
    • (1) Naoma Rhodus
      m: Orville Casey
    • (2) Evelyn Rhodus
      m: Frank Starnes
    • (3) Mary Elizabeth Rhodus
      m: Joe Breedon
    • (4) Gladys Rhodus
      m: FNU Brown
      • (1) Barry Don Brown
    • (5) Ammons Rhodus
    • (1) John Rhodus
    • (2) Cecil Rhodus
    • (3) Virgil Rhodus
    • (4) FNU Rhodus
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