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Descendants of

Ventner Cobb

1st Wife:
2nd Wife:

In Memory Of
Thomas A. Cobb

son of
David A. &Lillien(Quimby) Cobb
grandson of
Charles &Susan(Martin) Cobb
~ggg-grandson of
Ventner Cobb~

b: 05 Jul 1926 Jessamine Co, KY
d: 11 Oct 1997 Lexington, KY

Tom spent nearly 30 years working on his Ventner Cobb line,
and can be credited for most of the initial work that has
been contributed for these Ventner Cobb webpages.

Ventner Cobb
son of
Ambrose and Sarah Cobb
(See Cobb Origins page)
b: 10 Jun 1749 (or 1751) Halifax Co, VA
(gravestone says 1749, other sources say 1751)
d: 08 Jul 1805 Jessamine Co, KY
buried: Ventner Cobb Cemetery, Jessamine Co, KY

Jinnie LNU
(is possibly Virginia "Jinnie" Morgan)
m: Appx 1770
d: As eary as 1774

Jane LNU
m: 10 Mar 1779
d: Between 1801-1805
(died before Ventner's death)

About Ventner's Wives
Our sources are still in the process of reaching
a determination as to who Ventner's wives were.
It is possible that sometimes
Ventner and/or his son, Ralph,
were aka Ralph Ventner Cobb.

~ Special Recognition ~

Tom Cobb

Jamey Cobb

Pat Saupe

Frank Downey

After visiting our website,
information for this Ventner Cobb branch
was generously provided to us
by Pat Saupe and James L. Cobb, III, from
The Works Of
Thomas A. Cobb ~ James L. Cobb, III ~ Pat Saupe

and through some special courtesies by Pat's cousin,
Frank Downey
Our deepest gratitude for this sharing of information!

We owe our gratitude to
Nancy (House) Perry
for the sharing her "Ventner" files and data with us.
Thank you so very much, Nancy!

And, we extend much gratitude to
James Welch "Jim" Cobb
for sharing old family photographs
and many of his extensive research records.
Thanks, Jim! We appreciate your contributions greatly!
~ ~ ~
Jim has created and printed some books, entitled,
"The Descendants of Ventner Cobb,"
and, "The Descendants of Speed Cobb,"
from which he has shared excerpts with us for this website.
To obtain more information about these books,

~Miscellaneous Info~
It is documented in both Clay Co, KY, and in Knox Co, KY,
that Ventner is a son to Ambrose & Sarah Cobb.

Ventner's first wife died as early as 1774.
It is said that she was killed by Indians
and that following her death,
Ventner became an Indian scout into Kentucky.

In 1778/79 Federal Census for Rockingham Co, NC,
shows Ventner C. Cobbs and "7 white souls."

In March, 1784, four of Ventner's children are listed
in Order Book 12, Page 142, of Halifax Co., VA,
ordering that overseers of the children for the County
do number these children:
William, John, Ambrose, and Mary Polly Cobb.

In 1786, church records in Hanover Co., VA,
shows payment to a carpenter named Ventner Cobb.

14 Sep 1788, Halifax Co, VA, Deed Book
lists four of Ventner's children.

In 1788/89, Ventner was in SC
and volunteered, under Captain James Jackson,
then was in the Battle of Guilford, under Colonel Williams.
(This info per Thomas, but not proven by Jamey nor Pat.)

In 1797/98, Ventner moved to KY with family.
It is said that he was an Indian scout in this area
long before moving there.

Between 1801 and 1805, Ventner'second wife died.
Possibly during the 1801 birth of son, Thomas,
but before Ventner's death in 1805.

Ventner left no will when he died,
on July 8, 1805, in Jessamine Co, KY,
but his land and possessions were divided
among his children, the facts of which are well documented
in Clay and Knox Counties, KY.

Ventner is buried
in the Ventner Cobb Cemetery, Jessamine Co, KY


Genealogy Report on Vintner/Ventner Cobb

A "Vintner C. Cobbs" Biography

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and/or typed transcripts of original documents.

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An Assertation
Posted March 28, 2000
at the request of genealogist,

Tom Cobb
worked 30 years of his life on Ventner/Vintner Cobb(s).
So you say that is no big deal but it was -
Tom had very little schooling and had to hire people to help
him with research and with reading and writing skills.
But he never lost faith and research was his whole life.
After being afflicted with a couple strokes, he asked me
- Pat Saupe, my cousin, Frank Downey and Jamey Cobb
to promise him his Ventner Cobb work would be put
somewhere so others could use it.
By living in Jessamine County most of his life,
he was able to long ago visit the Ventner Cobb cemetery
- had existing photos of this family
and their cemetery records, courthouse records, old letters
and housed all of this in about 40 filled notebooks.
He knew more about Ventner than anyone we knew.
Tom then suffered a total of 17 strokes before he passed away.
He was taken from his apartment to a hospital
and from the hospital to a nursing home to die.
We do not know who cleaned out his apartment
or the fate of his massive works.
Inside each notebook was a page of instructions
to forward his work to one of us.
It has not arrived to date.
We pooled what we did have of his work and jointly agreed
that a website was the best place to put it
to honor our promise to him.
Enters Bobbie Grant who already has a Cobb website
and agrees to place the Ventner work there,
believing him a son of Ambrose & Sarah also.
We are not saying this is positively the correct version
- we are offering what has been found to others
who may not be able to travel to KY
and visit the courthouses and cemeteries and may never
otherwise see these photos and records.
Maybe, just maybe one of these records will be the key
that unlocks the mystery. And maybe others will share
their Bible records and photos also.
We have been slammed around a bit because of what we
are doing, but feel it is still the correct thing to do.
Our apologies if something does not fit with your records
but would it not be better to discuss this with us
and try to work out the true version
than throw rocks at our back?

Thank you,
Pat Saupe

A Footnote
by Bobbie S. Grant
It is true that I have contributed NOTHING in the realm of
actual, physical, hands-on Ventner research work,
but I feel exceedingly honored and proud to be
contributing what limited computer skills I possess,
to help these wonderfully sharing people keep their promise
to an obviously highly deserving man,
a man magnanimous in his belief that his
accomplishments should be SHARED. . . and freely.
He obviously wanted to spare us the work
that he had already done for us.
Most of us are grateful for that, not shamed by it!
Thank you,
Bobbie S. Grant

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