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Genealogy Research Report

Vintner/Ventner Cobb
per genealogist

Pat Saupe
in conjunction with
James L. Cobb, III -and- the late Thomas E. Cobb

The earliest I could find record of Ventner Cobb in KY, was when he
paid taxes in Jessamine Co, KY, 29 Aug 1800. He is not listed in
any of the KY Land Grants or VA Land Grants, however, there is a
John Cobbs who got two KY Land Grants in Fayette Co, KY, amounting to
3,000 acres. The first grant was for 500 acres, dated 06 Dec 1788, on
Eagles Creek; and the second was 2,500 acres, dated 07 Dec 1788, on
Eagle Creek. A portion of Fayette Co, KY, became Jessamine Co, in
1798. Ventner had spelled his name "COBBS" in 1800, and this John
also spelled it "COBBS" on the land grants - the same as the Cobb Family
once used, before they dropped the "S."

It is possible Ventner was "John Venter Cobb," or it is possible another
member of his family, like a brother John, received the grant and traded
this KY property to Ventner for the property he was living on in NC
(We searched Ventner under "John Ventner Cobb" and "Ralph Venter Cobb).
In several places, it was said that Ventner Cobb was born in Rockingham
Co, NC, but I do not think this is so because his father did not come
to NC until around 1776. It is possible that Ventner came from VA
and settled in Rockingham Co, NC, instead of going on to Lincoln Co,
NC, with his father, or that he married a woman from this area.

We will have a lot of argument against us when we say that Ventner
Cobb is a son of the Ambrose Cobb who died in Lincoln Co, NC, because
of the Cully Cobb history, called, "The Cobbs of Tennessee." Mr. Cobb,
in his research, does not list Ventner Cobb as a son of Ambrose, but
I feel he missed Ventner because he did not do research in KY for any
of this family.

Ventner Cobb was born 10 Jun 1751; married ca. 1770 to a possible Jinnie,
and died in Jessamine Co, KY, 08 Jul 1805. He is buried in the "Old
Cobb Cemetery," in Jessamine Co, KY, although his stone is now gone.
~ ~ ~
There are two solid facts on Ventner as a son of Ambrose Cobb:

A court order in Knox Co, KY, dated 23 Jun 1815 and filed by Ambrose
Cobb, the son of Ventner Cobb, who left Jessamine Co, KY, in the fall
of 1814, and went to Knox Co, KY, for two or three years before going
to Clay Co, KY. This court order, in Book B, Page 352, says:
"Ambrose Cobb (X) of Knox Co, KY, Administrator of the Estate of
Vinter (Ventner) Cobb, deceased, appoints William Miller, of Knox Co,
as his Attorney to collect from William Cobb, of Lincoln Co, State
of NC, money due me as lawful heir of Vinter (Ventner) Cobb, deceased."

This same court order is refiled from Clay Co, KY, 12 Sep 1818,
and names all the heirs of Ventner Cobb, as follows:
"...Ambrose Cobb, Sally Payne, John Cobb, William Cobb,
Jenne Arnold, Polly Finn (Fain), Robert Cobb, Thomas Cobb,
Ralph Cobb, heirs of VENTNER COBB, deceased, appoints William Miller,
of Knox Co, KY, as Attorney, to collect all the monies due them in NC,
or coming to their FATHER, VENTNER COBB, deceased, from the estate
of their GRANDFATHER, AMBROSE COBB, deceased."

~ ~ ~
Ventner Cobb did not leave a will, but the settlement of his property
lists as children: Ambrose, John, Jenny, Polly, William, Robert,
Thomas, and Ralph. It is not clear why Sally Payne is not listed as
one of the children, unless she had already received what she felt
was her share, or unless she had already died.

Administration of Ventner's estate was granted unto Ambrose Cobb.
Four of Ventner's children were underage: Jinney Cobb, who made the
choice of Ambrose Cobb for her Guardian; Polly Cobb, who made the
choice of John Cobb for her Guardian; Thomas and Ralph Cobb were listed
as infants, and were bound to James Overstreet to learn the trade of
carpenters and house joiners until they arrived at the age of 21 years.
These two children were again bound to John Walters as Guardian, until
he released Thomas Cobb, in 1808, from his apprenticeship.
We have been unable to follow Ralph Cobb.
~ ~ ~
The research on this family had been a project of the late
Thomas A. Cobb, of Lexington, KY, for nearly thirty years. Pat Saupe
and Frank Downey, each working on research of Ambrose Cobb, of Knox
Co, KY, joined with Thomas in the research of the various branches
of this family. This report relates only to Ventner Cobb and his
children, in our attempt to prove beyond a doubt that
Ventner Cobb is a legitimate son of Ambrose Cobb,
of Lincoln Co, NC.

Additional Items
per James L. Cobb, III
from the book:
"The Kentucky Gazette 1801-1820"
by Karen Mauer Green
Gateway Press, Inc.
Baltimore 1985
Kentucky Gazette
2 May 1807
Kentucky Gazette Extra
Nu 45 Vol.V Mon 7 Nov 1814 Vol.28

James R. Overstreet, living in Jessamine County,
four miles from Nickolasville on Boon's Station
Road, regarding a runaway apprentice to the
cabinet and house joining business, named
Thomas Cobb (son of Vintner).

John Peniston, living on the Hickman Road,
near Nikolasville, in Jessamine County,
regarding a runaway apprentice
to the cabinet trade,
Ralph Cobb, age 15 (son of Vintner).

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