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Descendants of

John Sasser, Sr.



John Sasser, Sr.
son of Stephen Sasser
grandson of William Sasser
b: Appx 1711
d: 1782 NC
Sarah LNU
d: 1776

John outlived some of his children
and for about a decade during the
late-1790s and early-1800's, in Wayne Co, NC,
there was a long series of lawsuits
regarding the settlement of his estate.

Descendants Of
John Sasser, Sr.

The following commentary is provided by researcher,

Doug Sherman,
gggg-grandson of
John "Henry" &Nancy(Kirby) Sasser
Regarding John Sasser, Sr., the best information I have comes from
a court case regarding a property fight (sound familiar?).
It provides interesting information
regarding John Sasser, Sr. and his children.
[The annotations are by Earl Sasser.]
State of North Carolina
New Bern Superior Court of Jan March Term 1792.
Doe on the demise of Jas. Sasser & Guardian vs Samuel Blyth.
Ejection! [This was the name of a mixed action which lay for the
recovery of the possession of land.]

The following Jury impaneled and charged Viz!
[To-wit, that is to say.]
1. James Coore, 2. Thos. Armstrong, 3. P.G. Roulhai,
4. Casan Gibbs, 5. Wm. Watson, 6. Nathl. Tooley,
7. James Jaspen, 8. Wm. R. Jaspen, 9. Wm. Whitfield,
10. Wm. M. Herritage, 11. Joel Tison, 12. Robert Tolan

find that John Sassers the elder was seized [Be legal possessor]
of an Estate in fee Simple [An estate limited absolutely to a man
and his heirs and assigns forever without limitation or condition.]

of Land in question, and that on the Seventh day of April 1774
he executed [Completed, carried into full effect.] a deed of the
Land in question to his Son John Sasser Junior, which deed is
hereunto annised [?] and is admitted by both parties
as a true Copy from the Original.
The Jury further find that the said John Sassers Junior died Seized
[Be legal possessor of] in fee simple [Again, his land without
limitation or condition.]
of the premises in Question in the year
1776 intestate [A person is said to die intestate when he dies
without making a will.]
and without issue [no descendants], leaving
at the time of his death Wm Sassers his elder brother living,
who afterwards died intestate [Without will] in the year 1781.
leaving James Sassers his only son then an infant about five years
old who is the Lessor of the Plaintiff. [In the common law action
of ejectment, this is the party who really and in effect prosecuted
the action. In this case it was 5- year-old James Sasser.]

The Jury also finds that John Sassers the elder in his life time,
executed a deed of the Land in question to Mary Blyth daughter of
the said John Sassers Senior which deed is also hereunto annised [?]
and admitted That the said John Sassers Senior afterward died
in the Year 1782 in possession of the Land in Question.
If the Law is for the Plaintiff they find the defendant guilty
and assess Damage & Costs. if for the Defendant they find the
defendant not guilty, and so they say all.
~~~Copy from the minutes~~~
- Silas Cooke Esq.
In a nutshell, here are the relationships from the court case:

(1) John Sasser, Sr.:
died in 1782.

(2) John Sasser, Jr.:
son of John, Sr.
Died in 1776 and had no children.

(3) William Sasser:
son of John, Sr.
Died in 1781 and had only one son, James
[others have said he had daughters Sarah and Ann].
James is the subject of the court case.

(4) Mary Sasser Blyth:
daughter of John, Sr.
She married Samuel Blyth.

There are other records that show that
(5) Josiah Sasser
was also the son of John Sasser, Sr.

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